Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Things ::Friday::

1. Joshua Photography: This is a preview of some of Chase's new stuff. I think this picture is pretty great, as is he. I'm so proud of my talented husband! Check out his photography at
2. Felt Owls: I've had a factory in my studio this week, cranking out these babies. They're adorable and make me verrrry happy :)
3. Robins Egg Blue: This is an always favorite but still...anything this color I'm a sucker for.
4. Pomplamoose. They are so great and super creative. youtube them (and mrs. robinson is a must listen/download)
5. Etsy: My number one timesucker. even over facebook. So here's to you, etsy. I've been a member for over 2 and a half years and i don't plan on giving you up. ever. Thank you for your handmade goodness.
6. Hot apple cider. We made our first batch this week (thanks to williams sonoma) and something about putting a cinnamon stick in it makes me feel like I should be friends with martha stewart.

So there are my favorite things of the week :)

Have a wonderful weekend! We are going to see Where the Wild Things Are tonight and I'm pumped--despite my childhood nightmares due to the book. Tomorrow Chase and I get to display our work on a studio tour in town. Pictures to follow!



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