Friday, October 30, 2009

favorite things friday

What? it's friday? Yes! That means date night with my hubby :)

Here are a few other things that are making my life a little sweeter this week :)

1. pumpkin pie - i made my first of the "holiday season" using paula dean's recipe. so good (and only half a stick of butter! that has to be a record for her). i also made miniature ones using a cupcake pan and pie dough cut into the size of our espresso saucers. they're so cute!
2. pea green - i keep buying things this color and it looks absolutely awful on me. seriously just drains the color right out of my face. ari taught me to knit last week and the scarf i'm making is this color. if you get it for christmas - just know it looked awful on me and i wanted someone to enjoy it haha
3. my new necklace from lilyleighs on etsy - i've worn it every day. it has a cute little bird and two styles of leaves. i love it.
4. oregon chai latte - sign up for a free sample here. warms me up on these cold days! which brings me to my next favorite
5. snow!!!! - it has snowed almost every day this week and i've loved it! apart from me not being able to go run, it makes me really happy...and listen to christmas music. (oops)
6. martha stewart living - this was waiting for me in my room in texas. the last of my subscription... so i've been enjoying every last bit of it this week. getting my money's worth, ya know? :)
7. A is for Apron - my mom bought this for me because I am making some aprons for her for christmas gifts. it is SUCH a great book with patterns and inspiration for each apron. i can't stop looking at it.
8. crunch n' munch - guilty pleasure. and by guilty...i mean guilty. it has so many calories and so much sugar..i mean, come on. it says "buttery toffee" underneath the title. great. this teamed up with my lack of running this week is sure to be a great combination.

have a great weekend!!!


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