Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Happy 23rd Birthday to the most wonderful husband in the world!

Just a few reasons I love you:

  • You challenge me and don't ever let me stay complacent in my walk with Christ.
  • Your passion for life, the Lord, learning, photography, loving, travel & people.(lots of L's)
  • You encourage me to face fears: skydiving, 24+ hour flights, moving hours away from family, cooking chinese food, etc :)
  • You put up with this
( and this )
  • You love me so well & continue to pursue me even when I'm a brat.
  • You support my endeavors and show me how to make them more gospel centered.
  • You make me eat weird stuff...or at least try it (Malaysia was a great place for that)
  • Your loving & giving heart
  • Your capability to be silly with me

You're the best. I love you :) Happy birthday.


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