Monday, November 9, 2009


For our women's small group, we are taking turns telling our "story" for the next few weeks. The template, if you will, for this is supposed to be 3 people, 3 places, 3 events that have shaped you or had an impact on your life.

I just sat down to briefly write down some notes so I'm not completely winging it and I came to a few conclusions.

  • I have never had a huge, tragic event in my life.
  • I have had some incredible people in my life that have impacted who I am and have definitely given me the weird sense of humor that I have developed over the years.
  • God truly works all things together for my good. Every mess up, every heartache.
  • My life has been so easy compared to most people's it seems. I feel spoiled.
  • Family is a common theme on every important event in my life.
  • My husband is one incredible man. He puts up with all my crap and attitude. :)
  • Our God is faithful....
  • I am so thankful.
I encourage you to make a list of what you are thankful for...maybe even take the time to think about 3 people, places, and events that the Lord has revealed His character through. It really puts the dirty house, busy schedule, and broken vacuum cleaner in perspective.


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