Monday, December 14, 2009

Etsy Monday

Happy Monday!

As promised, here are four etsy shops that carry unique, well priced items. Browse these shops for last minute Christmas gifts! It will be well worth your time. :) I wanted to do gifts under $20 bucks, but one shop simply couldn't be left out today!

First up, is MRB Prints. Molly makes incredibly cute and colorful paper products (cards, gift tags, etc) and the best part's all recycled paper!

Because of all the snow we've had currently, I loved her idea of this signed art print as a gift...and only $15? Get out of town!

I also really like these gift tags. They come in sets of 5 for only a few bucks.

Next, is sunnyandchic. really, y'all. this stuff is so cute! I "hearted" about 5 of her items.

i plan on purchasing this one, so you better not beat me to it! love the colors.

this is probably my second favorite. y'all know how i like my frayed fabric!

The third shop I chose is solely because of the shop name & this item.
The Curious Pug has such cute stuff made from felt. Her iphone cozies are sure to be a hit.

this one is my absolute favorite. it's a flippin' pop tart!!! brilliant.

So this is a shop that is becoming my new favorite. love california carries state pillows that are absolutely adorable and was recently featured on the urban outfitters blog!

These Texas Pillows are so stinkin' adorable! Living in Colorado or not, I still love my lone star state. her other pillows are just as unique and drool-worthy.

texas, our texas :)

that's it, people. go check out these shops & give them some business :) last minute christmas presents still to be purchased? you know where to go...



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