Friday, December 11, 2009

favorite things friday

so i have to do this early because i'm nannying today. and let's be serious...there is no blog time with a 4 year old that doesn't take naps.

here goes!

Faux Bois: I mentioned this on Monday, but I am LOVING woodgrain details. Check out this beauty from Lisa Hopkin's etsy shop. anyone want to buy this for me for Christmas? eh? eh? :)

This ADORABLE modcloth skirt that is new today. if it wasn't -20 out, i might buy it. but there is no need for this skirt until june....but then again, in june i just want to wear my baggies & my chacos.

my patagonia puffy: ok, people. it is -20˚ outside currently. NEGATIVE. TWENTY. DEGREES. i have to go pick up ollie in 40 minutes and i'm wondering if i should start warming up my car now. anywho...this coat is incredible and i love it. i should name it...since i name everything. thoughts? :)

gluttons: most people call them glittens. i think its funnier (more funny?) to say glutton. come onnnn. this etsy seller made me a custom pair and really, i love them! they are super warm, but i can flip that flap back and address letters at the post office, answer my phone, etc.

eggplant: loving this color now and may order another custom pair of eggplant glittens!
(eggplant yarn photo courtesy of

Red fingernail polish: From what I can recall, my fingernails have NEVER been red. I've been an earthtone girl since high school (does black count in my wannabepunkdays?) and before that I'm pretty sure it was usually pinks & purples. But it's Christmas-time, y'all. So red it is.

A REAL LIFE CHRISTMAS TREE!: chase & i are going with matt & ari tomorrow morning to chop down a real tree! eeee! its like charlie brown christmas! ( vacation, you take your pick)

ok, that's it because I'm out of time. enjoy and someone go buy that skirt & necklace for pete's sake! (ps who the junk is pete?)



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