Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Hey Hey, Happy Friday! lets do this.

1. Elf. i was shocked when i saw "2003" on the movie poster. 2003? what? its been a christmas favorite for 6 years! that seems ridiculous. i've watched it twice already (doesn't quite hold a candle to sophomore year of college when i watched it every day in december...) and i love watching it while wrapping presents! gah, i love this movie.

2. Amy Butler Wrapping Paper! I bought my first (and probably last...this stuff is pricey!) roll last weekend and I can't wait to use it! Best of all, it's eco-friendly. well played, amy. well played.

3. My REI cabin fever pants: I got them last year from my in-laws for Christmas. I probably have worn them every day since it's gotten cold here. so comfy!! they even come in petite for people like me with short legs! hooray, REI!

4. Anna Maria Horner: oh, anna maria. your fabric is the best. the most creative. and the most fun to make stuff out of! crafting is a whole different game when i have a bag of your good folks or garden party collection. thank you. really. thank you. :)

5. Jason Castro's Let's Just Fall in Love Again: You can download it here. you can also tweet and download another song of his for free here! if i had a twitter account i would totally do this. Before it got too cold to run, i loved running to let's just fall in love again. such an upbeat, happy song! Jason is great. He's an Aggie (whoop). He was in AMC with Chase before his american idol days and apparently Chase made him sing a song to him outside his window. Oh, I will never understand AMC and their ways. Buy his stuff. great, thanks. (and congrats on the engagement!)

6. Lily Leighs has done it again! This time we traded on etsy. (so fun) I sent her little son an owl and she is sending me the necklace pictured above. Can't wait! (literally, can't wait. i had her send it to Texas so I wouldn't have to wait until we got back to get it)

7. SPRINKLES CUPCAKES! I forgot to go last time we were home. I will go this time and get! YUMMM. If nothing else, family...will you buy me the mixes at Williams Sonoma? awesome. thank you.

have a great weekend!



  1. Kim I just love your Blogs.
    They always make me happy. I am not creative so I can live through you. :)

  2. thats just because you haven't had any of my cupcakes. :) glad to see you are doing well kim. i wish we had had a little more time to play before we both hightailed it out of texas. merry christmas, love.


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