Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree...Oh, Christmas Tree

how fewandweaksauce are your branches? :)

This past weekend, Chase & I went to Grand Junction for his company Christmas party. More about that later (maybe)...

Before the two and a half hour trek to GJ, we went with Matt & Ari to chop down our Christmas trees. hooray! here is our morning in photographs.

boys will be boys. (excuse me, branch in the way)

matt with their tree

chase with ours...what a stud

bella loves the snow!

so do ari & i :) love you, friend!

the patrick's minus bella

the davis' and our tree. two things to notice in this picture. chase is super intense and i am squatting for some odd reason. laugh it up, people. laugh it up.

that's better. except....i'm still squatting?!

hooray for Christmas trees!

so back to the FCI Christmas party. hilarious. old people dancing like nobody's business. it was like a bad episode of the office. but don't let me fool you, i danced as well. although Chase came out there with me while i was dancing with a 55+ year old man to "SHOUT!" and two stepped with me a few songs (we showed those colorado folks how we do it at the Texas Hall of Fame), I was in need of my Kelley Belly Baxley & Jarratt Calvert to get my groove on with.

The highlight of the day was going to the cutest fabric store in the world on Main Street, Tangle. They have the best selection of Anna Maria Horner fabric you'll ever see. I can't find it anywhere around here! She is my all time favorite fabric designer and I told Chase when we were walked out ($35 later) "besides you and Jesus...not much makes me happier than a bag of new fabric"

Speaking of...I'm off to craft.



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