Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ribbon Tree Tutorial

What to Eat Wednesday postponed until next week. Just eat some nachos, let's call it a day and get to this tutorial. :)

So I saw something similar to this, but on a large scale at Victoria's Secret last week. I know...sketchball.

I made it this morning and took step by step pictures so y'all could make them too! They're going for about 25 bucks on etsy...and it's way more fun to make your own! I spent about $12 on ribbon & the styrofoam trees. The rest I had...I started with one and will be making two smaller ones later.

What you'll need:

hot glue gun
ammo aka glue sticks
4-6 types of ribbon in different widths.
Fabric Scraps (optional. i just like the way frayed fabric looks!)
straight pins
styrofoam cones

Step 1: Cut ribbon & fabric into desired length and remember that it will be folded in half. Mine were about 3". If you are making a larger tree..i would do longer than that. (I cut the amount shown in the picture and then just cut as I went. I didn't want to cut too many and waste the ribbon. )

Step 2: Pin ribbon pieces on to create your pattern and figure out spacing. I will be skipping this step on my next tree...but it helped me figure out placement.

Step 3: Warm up your glue gun and get going. The progression should look something like this:

Note: I glued about an inch or so above the previous ribbon like so...

Step 4: (optional) Cut out a circle of fabric & glue it on top to make it look more "finished"

I then made a bow on top....

and regretted it. it's a little much.
so, here's the finished product with the bow cropped out. :)

have fun!
p.s. i highly recommend listening to Nat King Cole's Christmas Song Pandora Station or Sufjan's Christmas CD while making these. do it.

here is the rest of my tree family!


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  1. O my goodness, I just saw one of these in a craft magazine that my husband bought me but there weren't very good directions! Yours looks great! I'll definitely be making a few of these this year!!


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