Thursday, December 31, 2009

See ya, 2009

So when I sat down to write all the important events that happened in the past 12 months...I was completely overwhelmed with God's goodness. So many milestones and unforgettable memories happened that made 2009 such a great year.

I've never really been excited about New Years Eve & all that jazz...but now that I've reflected on how the Lord has blessed us in this past year, I'm pumped to see what He has for us next year.

So with that being are my highlights of 2009!
(in somewhat chronological order)

Here we go.

Honeymooning and Skydiving in New Zealand

Night Bike Ride across campus followed with wine & a backyard movie. Definitely one of my favorite nights of college.

(the boys setting up the projector & screen. photo courtesy of Danny Paick)

RPTS/403 breaks. Chic-fil-a, Fitzwilly’s, Jason’s Deli, Frisbee at Anderson Park & Tree Climbing at Bryson Park with my favorites! Miss you all!

Going to Malaysia.

Turning 22. Not a big number, but spent with the best friends a girl could ask for…it was memorable nonetheless.

Spontaneously dunking my ring from a nalgene (and dumping most of it out).

Chase & I graduating from our beloved Texas A&M University on the same day & ceremony (praise the Lord)

Sadly, the only pictures I have of this are ones my mom printed for me. sorry! :)

Moving to Colorado knowing absolutely no one. Terrifying, but so good for this homebody.

Refurbishing an old, rusty, (and oh, so crappy) purple ugly into a robins egg blue townie with a cup holder and huge baskets!!

Watching the leaves change.

The opening of oh, sweet joy.

Cutting down our own Christmas Tree

Most recent: learning to Cross Country Ski (thanks to the Huckabee’s!).

(no pictures of this either, but still awesome.)

When did my life become such an adventure?!

I hope 2009 was as good for you as it was for us. Best wishes for 2010!



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