Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's Been Goin' On


Go ahead and let this be the soundtrack for your reading :)

I have been lately. Here are some photos of (the very few) Christmas decorations around the Davis household and other things I've been working on (mostly in my studio).

FIRST: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I saw something like this in the Fossil Gift Catalog and immediately wanted to make one.
Here is my rendition in blues & greens. Hopefully it's neutral enough to be able to put it in my studio after Christmas. It doesn't look too Christmas-y does it?

I used scrapbook paper, mod podge, canvas, paint, and felt for the stems.

Close up of this cute little guy!

Front view

I didn't ever post the rest of my tree family, so here it is!

I saw this adorable garland on mycakies blog and went to buy it from her etsy shop and all three were already sold. I decided to just make it myself...

I used to think these colored lights were so tacky...mostly when left up until mid-march. But made from felt and used as garland, i think it is too cute! I have had a change of heart.

And let's be serious...I bet its not too long before anthro is selling it for 40 bucks a strand.

(don't worry, our blinds really ARE that ugly in real life.)

aaand a blurry close up.

and thennnnn, a bird bath.

If you know me, at ALL, you know i love birds! I've come to terms with the fact that I will probably be a crazy bird lady, like this chick, when i grow up....

but hopefully not.

i bought all the stuff for this a while ago, but never put it all together. for the past 4 months, these birdies have been falling into the bowl or onto the floor. it's a miracle they haven't broken.

bah. i love it.

Now these babies would be a lot cuter if I had..say, a robins egg blue or a sage green wall. But I don't. So I'll get over it (eventually) and suck it up with the (stupid) white.

The biggest hoop is a vintage silk that I got from Chase's grandmother's fabric stash. The rest are from Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Hobby Lobby (dont' judge me), and I forgot who makes the lime green & bright blue one. oh, well.

and in b&w, because i like it.

Nothin' like vintage thread in Christmas colors paired with a little bing crosby to get you in the Christmas spirit!



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