Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

I went with Montrose with Ari this morning and was on the hunt. I wanted these boots forever ago, but got over it because I didn't have a job, the shop had slowed down, and I just couldn't justify it.

I searched for them on this week to treat myself. None to be found. I told Ari, if they were there and on sale, I'm snagging them. They had 3 pairs. 6,7, and 9.

9! BOOM. the best part? they were only
$15! my size and a bargain. can't beat it.

if only i could find some toms that were $15.

I feel like I joined the corps, but i love them. You better believe I'll be wearing them to date night tonight :)

I'm also drooling over this dress from anthro. A lady on the cover of Child Style Magazine (the winter edition that i'm so anxiously waiting for!) is wearing it and I should have known that anthropologie is where it came from. It has been the inspiration of some work I will show you next week. :) tease.

My fabric came in yesterday. Isn't it gorgeous? They will both be skirts by the end of the day.

That's all. :) cute boots, anthro dress & pretty fabric. what else could a girl want?

ooooh and here's a sneak peak of something that will be in the shop soon. :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway (here) for the business/gift card holder!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gift Card & Business Card Holder

Gift Card & Business Card Holder Tutorial

just so you know, in my head i call tutorials "toots."

this looks like a kajillion steps, but it's really not. I just wanted to photograph every teensy step so there is no way you can miss anything.

grab a cup of coffee (in preferably a cute mug) and lets do this!

what you'll need:

two fabrics
stiff interfacing (
closure of choice

Cut fabrics into two 4.5" by 10" rectangles.

Stack fabrics making right sides facing in. (if using interfacing, do the same and then put interfacing on top)

Sew around the edges leaving 1.5" - 2" open for turning. (i used 1/4 inch seams, but the size of the fabric allows for 1/2 if you are more comfortable with that)

Snip Corners to reduce bulk.

Turn right side out & iron. When ironing, make sure to turn in the edges left open for turning.

Sew 1/4 around the edge, beginning with the opening from turning.

Iron flat and then fold up bottom to desired height and do the same with the top. Iron.

Sew sides of the piece you folded "up" (the bottom).

Attach closure. (I used a pearl snap)

Admire your work!

(the one i made holds the cards vertically, but the tutorial is for one that will hold them the one shown last week in this post)

**variations: the flap can be made into a semi-circle, a triangle, or an asymmetrical shape. have fun with it! You can also use elastic and a button, velcro, or a sew on snap for the closure**


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cause and effect.

I ordered fabric last Monday. It's still not here. Frustrated.

I am a sucker for good packaging & marketing. I don't even like izze. Guilty.
(plus they are 10 for $10 at City market)

I love my husband and one of the kajillion reasons why is that he buys me flowers. infatuated.
(tulips make me so antsy for spring!)

I ate lunch at Sugah's (best restaurant in the valley. hands down) and it was delicious. stuffed.

I am not doing What To Eat Wednesday any longer unless I get major protests (not likely). lazy.
(i will admit that if 5 people comment & say to keep it up, i will. I'm just not sure it's beneficial, and its a time consuming post)

photo credit.

Apple came out with the ipad today and all i can think of is "iFeminineProduct." really? no one could think of a better name? baffled.
** this just in: "you need an iPad for your iPeriod" - stayten willows powe **
photo credit

i need a nap. exhausted.
(but first custom orders, dishes, and laundry)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ari!

I hope your day is filled with sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows!
(best music video ever haha)

Love you, friend!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

make way for the mustache mug

inspired by my father's baller 'stache (pictured below) and a mix of dr. hodges (also pictured below), but of course.

(isn't my mother beautiful?!)


side one.
side dos. smile, chase!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

i lied about the tutorial. that's either going to be tomorrow or next week. probably next week.

1. Fleet Foxes. listen/buy on itunes. so good!

2. Twizzler's Pull & Peel. y'all. i love candy. this is my candy of choice as of late. the bags last about 2 days, max. i'm going to have to stop because each piece is 100 calories. ok if you are eating one, but i usually eat 3.

3. 30 rock. is there a more hilarious show than this? i don't think so. it's like the best of Tracy Morgan + the best of Tina Fey times a million and plus some. Chase and I watched seasons 1-3 while he was sick and are working on 4 now. Nothing makes me laugh like this show. I'm obsessed.

4. Organic Throat Coat. Speaking of Chase being sick, this was the ONLY thing (other than vicodin) that made his throat feel better. His prescriptions didn't do anything compared to this tea. It's a miracle sent from heaven. we have stocked up (on sale at city market!) because he said it took his throat pain from a 10 to a 2. awesome.

5. J.Crew Belted Cardigan. I know its 2 months away, but this one might go on my birthday list.

6. CUTE braided belt from Delia's. I need a new belt but I'm not sure bright colored ones are very functional. Anyone know of a cute gray one?

happy friday! have a great weekend :)


p.s. what's one of your favorite things today?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What To Eat Wednesday

photo credit

Chicken and Dumplings is definitely one of my favorite meals. Comfort food at its finest.

When I lived on Oakhaven with Kim, Alex, & Chelsea, we would alternate who would cook 4 nights a week (we should have invited crazy lady down the street!). I decided to make Chicken & Dumplings and was using canned chicken. I accidentally grabbed one can of chicken & one can of tuna out of the cupboard without even noticing.

I still have not lived this down. Ladies from Living Hope still bring it up (thanks to Cindy for letting THAT out of the bag haha)

When Chase and I got married, our HOPE Group Leader, Cindy (the aforementioned) made it for us one night. I then told her my tuna story and she said "that's what you get for using canned chicken."


I got the recipe and...well... fail. Chase came home as I was owning the chicken on the verge of tears. I did all that stuff right (even had an e-how page up on how to cut apart a whole chicken), but just couldn't get it the right consistency.

The worst part was that i had about 5 people over waiting for it. It just wouldn't thicken and chicken & dumplings is NOT supposed to be broth-y!

The next time I braved the recipe, i forgot to use salt & chicken broth. I just used water. awesome. Chase still ate it (such a good husband) but we definitely doused it in salt. Definitely one of those newlywed moments.

The NEXT time I made it, the dumplings were gooey and gross. I think i forgot to dip them in flour first.

good job, kim. way to learn from your mistakes.

SO. fast forward a year to last week. I was doing some dinner prep for Elaina (the mom I'm nannying for. she's a stud). She had me put some things in a crock pot and make chicken & dumplings for dinner.

I tried it this past Saturday. It. Was. So. GOOD! and stinking easy. really, you're going to be shocked.

Here it is:

Chicken & Dumplings (with carrots & celery)

-2 cans of cream of chicken + 2 cans of water
-a few chicken breasts or chicken tenders
(tenders cook so much faster and are easy to cut up in the soup)
-a few stalks of celery and some carrots sliced
-2 tortillas, cut into rectangles
-that's it. seriously!

I stirred the cans of soup, water and veggies and just put the chicken on top. When it's dinner time, just cut the chicken up with a wooden spoon in the crock pot. Elaina recommended putting the tortillas in the crock pot JUST in the last 30 minutes. They were perfect.

put it all together, go to work, and come home to a bowl of comfort! we even bought some bread to make bread bowls out of. even better.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sweet & simple

the sweet & simple moments in life are taking over lately.

ironing a piece of fabric hidden in my grandmother's felt stash she gave me and the scent of my memaw's house filling my studio.

sweet friends getting engaged.
i received a text this weekend with a picture of a hand and a ring. usually when i get multimedia texts, i can't see the sender or most of the message. i saw enough to get all giddy inside. "sam and molly are" YAY! Molly's friendship is one that I cherish. We braved a field trip to Padre National Seashore and our friendship began. We've been through it all together. Laughter, tears, relationship stress, friendship stress, roommate stress, difficult professors, unending projects, study nights, Crompton's class, The Hills & Jon & Kate + 8 nights, craft days, and graduation. I'm so glad sam finally popped the question and y'all can officially start planning the rest of your lives together. love you, friend!
( Another way you know we're friends: she had Sprinkles Cupcakes at her engagement party. )

finally finishing the messenger bag that I worked on for HOURS.

I tried to go WAY outside of the box on this one and not use brown or green. tadaaa! it's super bright and doesn't match anything i own so i think my next one i make will be for me and made from burlap. This one will go in the shop. click on the one below to see the details.

sitting on the couch (laughing hysterically) with my hubby watching season 1-3 of 30 rock. i wish you weren't sick, but i love spending all day every day with you!

snowing for the first time in WEEKS! i can go cross country skiing again!
(W Mountain - view from my studio)

(not so sweet: i got my car washed on friday and forgot to put it in the garage last night.
snow = dirty car)

crafters/etsy sellers pulling together to do something big. Craft Hope for Haiti profits go straight to Doctor's without Borders in Haiti. So cool. I'm working on getting some of my stuff in there today.

having an entire day to devote to cleaning the house, running errands & sewing. so thankful.

Jehovah Jireh. The Lord provides. He has abundantly met our needs lately. He's so good to us.

take time today to thank the Lord for the sweet things in your life!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Etsy Monday - All Things Fuschia

I bought a fat quarter set of Anna Maria fabrics right before Christmas that were all fuschia. I'm not a pink girl...and fuschia was pushing it, but now i am loving this color. I even just bought some fuschia home decor fabric to make a skirt out of. (It's thick enough to where you don't have to wear a slip! jackpot.)

I searched around etsy and found these beauties. Enjoy!

(going clockwise, starting from top left)

Anna Maria Horner's Pressed Flowers in Rose fabric. So pretty & dainty!

Tote Bag from the bag shop.

Pillow Cover in Raspberry Plumes from Nestables. (They have the cutest banner in their shop!) This is also the fabric I bought for my skirt.

Knitted Headwrap/Ear Warmer from Flapper Fashions. So cute!! I had a friend make me a brown one similar to this and i love it. It keeps your ears warm without giving you hat hair!

Adorable Apron from Shop Lissy. Super cute shop with lots of baby stuff! I love her little party hats. too cute.

Coffee Cuff from Oh, Sweet Joy. haha How did that get in there? Shameless Plug. It's my blog and it just so happened to fit :) Not to mention, there are some matching earrings as well!

Happy Monday. It's taco night in the Davis household! Ole!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sorry that I forgot what to eat wednesday! It's been a super busy week :)

tonight we're having
oriental cabbage salad (my favorite!), tomorrow lemon pepper tilapia & rice, and saturday chicken alfredo (pasta in a box and sauce in a jar. really working hard on this one). all super easy.


chase has been sick since monday, which is a bummer. his throat has been on fire and he finally went to the doctor yesterday. apparently it's not strep (my hypothesis), but a viral infection that he just has to wait out. awesome. thanks doctors.

but, hey. at least health insurance finally covered something for us. that's a first.


i started a nannying job on monday that i love. who knew cleaning someone else's house and doing another family's laundry would be that much more enjoyable than doing your own? i sure didn't.

the Lord is for sure giving me that servant's heart i've always prayed for. thank you, abba.

the kids are precious. a 4 year old boy, a 2 1/2 year old girl, and six month old twin boys! they're such easy going kids and i love being around them.


a trip to seattle at the end of february is in the works. really excited to get out of this frozen tundra for a weekend and go see a city that chase and i have always wanted to visit. we would be going with matt & ari, so it will be a fun little getaway!
sidenote: do you pack umbrellas? chase and i usually just take a carry on (because we are megapackers) so can you bring an umbrella with you? seems like it would be a hassle in the security line.


i have a few new cuffs in the shop made out of some fabric from anna maria horner's good folks collection....and if any guys are reading this and you don't know what to give your special lady for valentine's day, check my shop!


sometime next week i'll have a tutorial for business card/gift card holders, like this one:

cute, huh? super simple.

so there's our little update. have a happy thursday!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

extreme makeover - chalkboard edition

Somehow we became the owners of a vintage chest that was in Chase's room growing up. The front doors had these weird pigs and america "art" on them, so needless to say...i wasn't a fan. Chase took all the doors off and made a bookshelf out of it. He's such a handyman. The doors were still just hangin' out, though.

Last week I decided that I wanted a chalkboard for my studio, so I got to work.

I scraped all the paint off the middle section (and oh, yes i did use an ice scraper for that little task. innovative.) and probably released some lead into the garage.

I primed it all with some cheap spray paint primer to cover the red.

I, then, sprayed the chalkboard spraypaint (didn't work as well as I thought it would. black paint probably would have done the trick) in the middle section for a few coats and then used a $3 paint sample from ace for the outside section.

It turned out pretty well. I am pleased. The whole thing cost me about 20 bucks. This paid for spraypaint primer, chalkboard in a can, a paint sample (which i have a ton left over), the hardware to hang it up and some chalk.

Not bad for a little DIY action.

Add Imagesome sepia tone lovin'

all hung up above the vintage singer that i just cherish. it was chase's grandmother's and i think it's the coolest (and heaviest) thing ever. it looks a little high to me... but it's staying.

and just because i had the camera out & it makes me happy... some of my fabric stash & my vintage threads/rack

happy tuesday!

also...jason castro's EP is now on itunes for only $4.95! you should get it. peer pressure. go. you really should. you aren't cool if you don't.


Monday, January 11, 2010

etsy monday - robin's egg blue

i could look at this color all day.

cute "nest" sign by Frippelous.

key & flower earrings by
bionic unicorn.

nest set by Paperoni Press


top by ForetLA


doily clock from andfurthermore's shop.


headband by Rose Marie's.


odds & ends bowl from the vintage dresser. (cute shop name!)

anna maria horner's social climber fabric.

just can't get enough! :)