Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cause and effect.

I ordered fabric last Monday. It's still not here. Frustrated.

I am a sucker for good packaging & marketing. I don't even like izze. Guilty.
(plus they are 10 for $10 at City market)

I love my husband and one of the kajillion reasons why is that he buys me flowers. infatuated.
(tulips make me so antsy for spring!)

I ate lunch at Sugah's (best restaurant in the valley. hands down) and it was delicious. stuffed.

I am not doing What To Eat Wednesday any longer unless I get major protests (not likely). lazy.
(i will admit that if 5 people comment & say to keep it up, i will. I'm just not sure it's beneficial, and its a time consuming post)

photo credit.

Apple came out with the ipad today and all i can think of is "iFeminineProduct." really? no one could think of a better name? baffled.
** this just in: "you need an iPad for your iPeriod" - stayten willows powe **
photo credit

i need a nap. exhausted.
(but first custom orders, dishes, and laundry)


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