Tuesday, January 12, 2010

extreme makeover - chalkboard edition

Somehow we became the owners of a vintage chest that was in Chase's room growing up. The front doors had these weird pigs and america "art" on them, so needless to say...i wasn't a fan. Chase took all the doors off and made a bookshelf out of it. He's such a handyman. The doors were still just hangin' out, though.

Last week I decided that I wanted a chalkboard for my studio, so I got to work.

I scraped all the paint off the middle section (and oh, yes i did use an ice scraper for that little task. innovative.) and probably released some lead into the garage.

I primed it all with some cheap spray paint primer to cover the red.

I, then, sprayed the chalkboard spraypaint (didn't work as well as I thought it would. black paint probably would have done the trick) in the middle section for a few coats and then used a $3 paint sample from ace for the outside section.

It turned out pretty well. I am pleased. The whole thing cost me about 20 bucks. This paid for spraypaint primer, chalkboard in a can, a paint sample (which i have a ton left over), the hardware to hang it up and some chalk.

Not bad for a little DIY action.

Add Imagesome sepia tone lovin'

all hung up above the vintage singer that i just cherish. it was chase's grandmother's and i think it's the coolest (and heaviest) thing ever. it looks a little high to me... but it's staying.

and just because i had the camera out & it makes me happy... some of my fabric stash & my vintage threads/rack

happy tuesday!

also...jason castro's EP is now on itunes for only $4.95! you should get it. peer pressure. go. you really should. you aren't cool if you don't.



  1. Oh wow! I love your new chalkboard- well done! What a great DIY tutorial... I'm completely inspired!

  2. I seriously LOVE your blog : ) it makes my day!! miss you friend!

  3. Our chalkboards should be friends!!! Yours is adorable, even if the paint soaked into the wood, I still like it. :)


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