Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution? Really?

As I sat here eating my organic honey nut o's & blueberries and drinking my instant coffee (judge all you want), I thought I would share my new year's resolution.

I've never made one before...and if i have, i didn't remember it, much less keep it.

It's not to lose weight, exercise more, or eat healthier. It isn't to be more organized (though my husband would be thrilled) or have a more rigid schedule for myself.

My Resolution is something that will require patience, dedication, perseverance, concentration, hours upon hours of hard work and probably a lot of frustration. All of these are things I need practice in...especially that first P word. It is a fruit of the spirit, after all, so I suppose I can try to swing it.

Ok, enough explaining. Here it is, my New Year's Resolution.

(photo courtesy of Anna Maria Horner)

I'm going to make a quilt! This quilt! It's called the Birdcage on a Chain quilt (don't act like you aren't surprised). My Aunt & Memaw are seriously a professionals at making quilts and I remember saying sometime in the last few months, "I will never make a quilt." But with the help of Anna Maria Horner and her cute little pattern & fabrics, I.WILL.MAKE.A.QUILT! I just know how much I treasure the quilts that I've received...I hope that this quilt will be something that will be passed down and cherished!

You'll probably be hearing a lot about it in the next year, or however long it takes me to finish...

*sidenote* i just spilled coffee all over the keyboard. awesome.

favorite things friday will return next week! if i do it now, it will just be a list of everything i got for Christmas because I seriously love everything I got. boring. (not the gifts, just the list) Chase and I kept saying to each other ""

and we are.

God is good. too good...and our families? They are pretty sweet themselves.

happy new year!

do you have a resolution? I really want to know what it is! :)



  1. good luck on your quilt! i just recently started considering learning to quilt myself. i love the idea of passing along something i made.

    glad i found your blog, love your background and your content. look forward to seeing more!

    xo, katie

  2. thanks! you should make one too! we can do this journey together :)

    great to meet you!


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