Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sweet & simple

the sweet & simple moments in life are taking over lately.

ironing a piece of fabric hidden in my grandmother's felt stash she gave me and the scent of my memaw's house filling my studio.

sweet friends getting engaged.
i received a text this weekend with a picture of a hand and a ring. usually when i get multimedia texts, i can't see the sender or most of the message. i saw enough to get all giddy inside. "sam and molly are" YAY! Molly's friendship is one that I cherish. We braved a field trip to Padre National Seashore and our friendship began. We've been through it all together. Laughter, tears, relationship stress, friendship stress, roommate stress, difficult professors, unending projects, study nights, Crompton's class, The Hills & Jon & Kate + 8 nights, craft days, and graduation. I'm so glad sam finally popped the question and y'all can officially start planning the rest of your lives together. love you, friend!
( Another way you know we're friends: she had Sprinkles Cupcakes at her engagement party. )

finally finishing the messenger bag that I worked on for HOURS.

I tried to go WAY outside of the box on this one and not use brown or green. tadaaa! it's super bright and doesn't match anything i own so i think my next one i make will be for me and made from burlap. This one will go in the shop. click on the one below to see the details.

sitting on the couch (laughing hysterically) with my hubby watching season 1-3 of 30 rock. i wish you weren't sick, but i love spending all day every day with you!

snowing for the first time in WEEKS! i can go cross country skiing again!
(W Mountain - view from my studio)

(not so sweet: i got my car washed on friday and forgot to put it in the garage last night.
snow = dirty car)

crafters/etsy sellers pulling together to do something big. Craft Hope for Haiti profits go straight to Doctor's without Borders in Haiti. So cool. I'm working on getting some of my stuff in there today.

having an entire day to devote to cleaning the house, running errands & sewing. so thankful.

Jehovah Jireh. The Lord provides. He has abundantly met our needs lately. He's so good to us.

take time today to thank the Lord for the sweet things in your life!



  1. Kim,
    This is Sarah Wyatt. I want to purchase that messenger bag. Please let me know how.
    Thanks! FYI I love the blog, you are very talented and your honesty is sooo refreshing.


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