Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sorry that I forgot what to eat wednesday! It's been a super busy week :)

tonight we're having
oriental cabbage salad (my favorite!), tomorrow lemon pepper tilapia & rice, and saturday chicken alfredo (pasta in a box and sauce in a jar. really working hard on this one). all super easy.


chase has been sick since monday, which is a bummer. his throat has been on fire and he finally went to the doctor yesterday. apparently it's not strep (my hypothesis), but a viral infection that he just has to wait out. awesome. thanks doctors.

but, hey. at least health insurance finally covered something for us. that's a first.


i started a nannying job on monday that i love. who knew cleaning someone else's house and doing another family's laundry would be that much more enjoyable than doing your own? i sure didn't.

the Lord is for sure giving me that servant's heart i've always prayed for. thank you, abba.

the kids are precious. a 4 year old boy, a 2 1/2 year old girl, and six month old twin boys! they're such easy going kids and i love being around them.


a trip to seattle at the end of february is in the works. really excited to get out of this frozen tundra for a weekend and go see a city that chase and i have always wanted to visit. we would be going with matt & ari, so it will be a fun little getaway!
sidenote: do you pack umbrellas? chase and i usually just take a carry on (because we are megapackers) so can you bring an umbrella with you? seems like it would be a hassle in the security line.


i have a few new cuffs in the shop made out of some fabric from anna maria horner's good folks collection....and if any guys are reading this and you don't know what to give your special lady for valentine's day, check my shop!


sometime next week i'll have a tutorial for business card/gift card holders, like this one:

cute, huh? super simple.

so there's our little update. have a happy thursday!



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