Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What To Eat Wednesday

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Chicken and Dumplings is definitely one of my favorite meals. Comfort food at its finest.

When I lived on Oakhaven with Kim, Alex, & Chelsea, we would alternate who would cook 4 nights a week (we should have invited crazy lady down the street!). I decided to make Chicken & Dumplings and was using canned chicken. I accidentally grabbed one can of chicken & one can of tuna out of the cupboard without even noticing.

I still have not lived this down. Ladies from Living Hope still bring it up (thanks to Cindy for letting THAT out of the bag haha)

When Chase and I got married, our HOPE Group Leader, Cindy (the aforementioned) made it for us one night. I then told her my tuna story and she said "that's what you get for using canned chicken."


I got the recipe and...well... fail. Chase came home as I was owning the chicken on the verge of tears. I did all that stuff right (even had an e-how page up on how to cut apart a whole chicken), but just couldn't get it the right consistency.

The worst part was that i had about 5 people over waiting for it. It just wouldn't thicken and chicken & dumplings is NOT supposed to be broth-y!

The next time I braved the recipe, i forgot to use salt & chicken broth. I just used water. awesome. Chase still ate it (such a good husband) but we definitely doused it in salt. Definitely one of those newlywed moments.

The NEXT time I made it, the dumplings were gooey and gross. I think i forgot to dip them in flour first.

good job, kim. way to learn from your mistakes.

SO. fast forward a year to last week. I was doing some dinner prep for Elaina (the mom I'm nannying for. she's a stud). She had me put some things in a crock pot and make chicken & dumplings for dinner.

I tried it this past Saturday. It. Was. So. GOOD! and stinking easy. really, you're going to be shocked.

Here it is:

Chicken & Dumplings (with carrots & celery)

-2 cans of cream of chicken + 2 cans of water
-a few chicken breasts or chicken tenders
(tenders cook so much faster and are easy to cut up in the soup)
-a few stalks of celery and some carrots sliced
-2 tortillas, cut into rectangles
-that's it. seriously!

I stirred the cans of soup, water and veggies and just put the chicken on top. When it's dinner time, just cut the chicken up with a wooden spoon in the crock pot. Elaina recommended putting the tortillas in the crock pot JUST in the last 30 minutes. They were perfect.

put it all together, go to work, and come home to a bowl of comfort! we even bought some bread to make bread bowls out of. even better.


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