Friday, February 12, 2010

favorite things friday

 bunting flags! so time consuming, but so fun & happy :) i'm selling this one in the shop because i have nowhere to put it. (sorry for the shadows. didn't see them until i put it on the computer)

la ink. i can't get enough of this show. i've been watching old episodes via netflix and i get sucked in. i will say, tough as kat von d makes herself out to be...she's kind of a baby/ drama queen. i still wouldn't mess with her though.

tulips. white ones to be exact. i have some in my yellow fiesta pitcher and they make me happy :) 

these pretty folksy shoes from delia's.  and only $15? i bet i order them by monday.

jcrew shorts/jorts
although they look like the homemade ones and are way too expensive, they make me antsy for summer.

can you tell i'm ready for warmer weather? sheesh.

and last, but not least
(photo courtesy of miss deb kleinen) 
my chasey. i love you :)



  1. 1. Chase, that's adorable.
    2. Precious shoes. Seems quite Mexicanie (pronounced, Mex-ee-con-ee) to me. Love.
    3. What RPTSer do you know who doesn't love a good pair of jorts?
    4. Love love love La Ink. Kat Von D is epic. All there is to it.
    5. What are Bunting Flags? I don't even know what they are but I want me some. They're adorable!

    Love you!

  2. they're just decoration! :) they're fun for birthday parties, but are stinking fun to hang up anywhere.


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