Thursday, February 11, 2010

for your inner vintage tee lover.

Hemmed In Vintage is up and running again!

I decided that i HAVE to get rid of all of these vintage tees stacked in my studio's closet.  They were seriously haunting me.

"make me into something cute. refurbish me. sell me. get rid of me."

i promise i'm not crazy.

I only got three sets up today because it was freaking cold outside and my fingers were becoming numb. Keep posted for more! 

3 vintage tees for $15? jackpot.

and some LEGIT polos? sweet.



  1. Sigh. Totally want the three amigos shirt. It's calling to me. Blasted Africa.

  2. don't worry, its an XL. way too big for you, my friend. :) if i still have it when you come back i can refurbish it into something fun for you :)


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