Thursday, February 18, 2010

for the headband lovers

check out the headbands i made this morning. (well all but the fuschia and green ones...i made those for myself before christmas)


they'll be going in the shop soon, but i have to work today, so probably not until tomorrow.

hello, favorite colors. it will be difficult to sell you and not keep you for myself.
headband + frayed rose + fabric + robins egg blue + yellow = accessory love.

cute bows on elastic headbands! 
the one in the middle is made from vintage fabric.


let me know what you think! :) i also plan on putting some bows and flowers onto the braided fabric headbands. they look very promising in my head.

i think in the near future i will be doing a giveaway for one of these cuties. stay tuned!



  1. i am in LOVE and will be ordering soon : ) i have just been waiting for you to make some cute stuff like this!! miss you friend

  2. i cant stop looking at them and im getting antsy : ) hahaha

  3. when are you putting the bow ones up in the shop like the ones in this post?? love you friend!

  4. hm i need to do that. maybe today!


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