Monday, February 22, 2010

just can't get enough

don't forget about the giveaway below! you can have up to 4 entries. how sweet is that?

almost as sweet as the newest addition to my headband creations.

i call it...the sweetheart. 

i honestly would have worn this in my wedding.



you can buy it here. (SOLD)
more to come! i need to finish several custom orders before i make more!



  1. Love, love, love this one. What about some with a little button?

  2. So happy I stumbled on your blog today... I {heart} your creations! I would love one for our 10 year old daughter as well as our 8 month old. How do you feel about putting one on a clip?
    I am excited to take a look at your other creations!
    Hope you feel a little sunshine today!


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