Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'round here

the house still smells like fish. (don't know what i'm talking about? read the post below)
it comes and goes. you think its gone then you go outside and come back in and your nose wrinkles.

anywho...here are some things i've been working on/what i've been up to lately

 covered button earrings

holders for my covered button earrings (i'm sure there's a better word than "holders")

making these cute little guys
 (maybe a tutorial soon?)

brainstorming what to make with this gem of a fabric.
orange & turquoise...yes, please.

receiving magazines i didn't order. lucky for me the cover is my favorite color scheme :)

making some initial tees for the cute kiddos in my life

wondering where this month has gone...it's almost march for crying out loud!

daydreaming about seattle. 
one week from thursday we will drive to denver and fly out the following morning. whoop!

happy tuesday.



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