Friday, February 19, 2010

shop til you drop

ok! a few headbands are up in the shop!

what do you think about this one? i can't pull it off, but someone will, right?

here is the one ari  snagged before anyone even had a chance bought. i guess that's the benefit of being my bestie & neighbor! 
it's my favorite next to the pea green one.  

i definitely didn't anticipate their popularity...i've already sold 3! make that 4!

good stuff.

other good stuff? 
-the chicken salad i'm about to make
-support of family & friends
-the LOAD of snow that's on the ground and that continues to fall
(aren't you proud that i refrained from saying "buttload?" maybe that means that 
i'm growing up. yeah right)
-girls night with some lovely ladies and their cute babies! 
-my husband getting me sunflowers AND putting them in a watered vase for me. he's great.
-drinking dr pepper for the first time in 5 days. that has to be a record.

i hope your weekend is lovely! i hope to get some cross country skiing in tomorrow on this fresh fluffy stuff! :) 



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