Monday, February 15, 2010

something fishy

chase made fish last night for dinner.  i don't know what kind it was. fishy fish. 

in addition, we thawed it in the sink using hot water. i know, i know. gross....but whatever, the man wanted fish. 

we lit candles hoping it would help.
matt comes over. "it smells like fish in here."

"we know."

"i's not a bad thing."

"yes. it is."

thanks for nothing, candles.

woke up this morning  at 4:45 am to find chase wasn't in bed. 

(calling down the stairs) "lovey?"

"can't sleep. smells like fish."

GROSS. yes, it did.

i opened a window when i woke up (thanks to my brother calling at 7:30 am forgetting we are an hour behind him) and lit some candles. went upstairs to sew. even my 3rd floor studio smelled of blasted fish! 

a few hours later, no more fish smell.  thank you, jesus. i blew them out and closed the window to go run errands.

came back an hour later and the FISH SMELL IS BACK. 

help! sickgagnastygrossdisgusting, its making me want to barf. i'm going to go run to get away from it.

any ideas are much appreciated.



  1. A few ideas:

    1. Febreeze (getting it out of the fabric is always a good step)
    2. Vacuum with baking soda
    3. Bowl of white vinegar in strategic spots (this takes awhile to work)

  2. i heard texas smells a lot less like fish.


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