Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner


congrats, rebecca! leave a comment on this post with your color preferences for your cute braided headband! :)



  1. I tried to think of a good Liz Lemon-ism to really convey how I feel at this moment...the only thing that come close is this:
    "Suck it monkeys! I'm goin corporate!"

    Not quite what I wanted to say...but I just like the first sentence best. Ha.

    Maybe next time I'll win. Maybe next time. Maybe maybe...I hope!

  2. like rebecca mccauley?? i never win anything : ) i want whatever you think - but maybe something with browns? i also liked that pink one that you had in there! I like the surprise factor so whatever your expertise thinks! YESSSSS! I'm so excited...

  3. haha YES! the one and only :)

    ok i'll surprise you.


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