Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am: a tornado of clutter.

I think: I am funny, but I'm really not.

I should: be doing laundry.

I dream: of "oh, sweet joy" having four branches: fabric, baby/kids, gifts (check), clothing (almost check)

I want: every dress & blouse from this site

I know: that I have the best husband in the world.

I don't like: when the flowers in my kitchen die and get petals all over the table.

I smell: strawberry cream cheese on my bagel

I hear: birds chirping outside (LOVE it) and Jeff Johnson's Glorious Day album

I fear: crazy, nutzo women that live in this town...though I'm trying to get over that.

I usually: have too high of expectations for people.

I search: for the right scarf for the day. they are scattered about the house.

I miss: Texas

I always: misplace my keys or cell phone

I regret: each day that I don't spend time in the Word that results in frustration, anger, and down right sass.

I wonder: if i have time to finish all my custom orders today.

I crave: GOOD Mexican food and not the crap that is served around here. give me some La Bodega please.

I remember: those short 4 years of college when I thought I was really busy.

I need: a new pair of skinny jeans. I wear mine every other day (at least) and the zipper is wonky.

I forget: something at the grocery store every dang time.

I feel: like going for a run. it's beautiful outside.

I can: look at most things and figure out how to make them myself. although it stunts my creativity at times, it often saves me a lot of money.

I can't: knit. my first attempt was a failure and I don't care to try again. 

I am happy: when I am sitting at my sewing machine

I lose: most things. tweezers, headbands, glue gun, my good scissors, swatches of fabric, socks, cardigans, one shoe, and cash (ha...i know where i lose this most times)

I sing: harmonies.
"oh, Jesus wherever you lead I'll sing harmony"

I listen: to a lot of Kari Jobe, Priscilla Ahn, Leona Naess and Norah Jones.

I shop: at places i can't afford.

I eat: too much candy

I love: my family and friends. God, you're too good to me.

my fabric came in for the dresses! it's BEAUTIFUL and SO soft and i can't wait to make the first one.



  1. El Fenix! GIVEITOMEEEEEE!!!! :) I can definitely relate to these things! Praying for you dear! Wish we lived near eachother so we could go through it together!!! :) Let me know if you EVER need anything!

  2. hahahaha el fenix, cristina's, ernesto's, ANYTHING!

    thanks :)

  3. I lose all kinds of crafting things too! Most recently it was 5 spools of thread. Thankfully, they turned up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i really want to start selling fabric too! i have been dreaming of it all the time! we should totally make it happen!


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