Friday, March 5, 2010

did you know...?

that if you have a netflix subscription you can view workout videos from your computer? 

i didn't know this until i read it in real simple this weekend. pretty cool.

this is the one i've been doing.

i'll admit that i'm a bit prideful about exercise, and i thought 10 minutes? that won't do anything... so i did the entire video (though she says not to), which is five separate ten minute workouts.  

i'm having a bit of a hard time going up the stairs.

however, nothing motivates me more than a work out instructor whose abs look like she is a teenage mutant ninja turtle. 

happy friday! i'm spending it cleaning the entire house and catching up on custom orders...with a lunch date at sugah's with my handsome hubby :)

also, have you seen these? toms wedges! and peep favorite!

i wanted them for my birthday (ahem. march 28th, people), but they don't come out until summer. those robins egg blue ones were made for me.



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