Friday, March 19, 2010

dress preview

so i made the first trial of the "farmer's market" dress. i used the orange color because i only had one yard of it.  i'm very pleased with it...except i got too excited and forgot to line up the stripes & forgot to add the pockets i cut out for it. oh well. 

i've come up with 6 designs and have 7 colors. they will all be lined in muslin with every seam serged and finished. i used to be so concerned with pumping out as many as i can in one hour. this go-round i'm focusing on tiny detail and professional quality.

i'm so pumped to start sewing apparel again! i've missed it....but definitely needed the break.

the pictures are kind of sucky because it's overcast and too late to have great sunlight in my studio. i'll get my handsome photographer of a husband to take some when i get more made. 

tomorrow i'll be working with the yellow fabric and the "tuxedo" style. it's going to be stinking cute.



  1. does your farmers market ship to cali?

  2. LOVE seeing your work! I know in the past you had an interest in missions. There is a Christian lady here working in a small village with the women and teaching them how to sew (among other things)to make a living. Their most recent big project was bags. She would love it if you could come down and show the women how to make dresses/headbands/whatever. You can visit her site at
    Let me know what you think! my email is

  3. we are looking into that now! thanks for the heads up :)


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