Friday, March 19, 2010

favorite things friday

first on my list is joel dewberry's modern meadow collection. i received 9 of them for my first quilt attempt.


second is my new favorite obsession. i think i've looked through every page on their site at least 5 times. 

spool no. 72 (awesome company name, no?)i especially love their dresses.

this one looks like some vintage fabric i have. so pretty! check out the rest of their stuff. you won't be sorry.


i also want some new toms. preferably, these maroon linen ones (gig em). 

however, i will refrain this year and wait until the wedges come out. besides, it's still hard for me to buy them when my first pair (my sophomore year in college) was only $21. talk about inflation...but for a good cause.


my etsy favorite is this tshirt from dark cycle clothing.



finally, court yard hounds. the music venture of the two "good eggs" of the dixie chicks. 

(pun very much intended. this is one of those times where i think i'm really funny & clever. someone feel free to humble me)

 (is the one on the right cross eyed? i've always wondered. she's beautiful nonetheless)

i will admit that i have always loved the dixie chicks. they are my favorite to roll down the windows in the summer and sing louder than the tourists probably prefer. their new stuff is totally different than your expected "cold day in july," but i'm really liking it! my favorite is "ain't no son." 
one of my not so favorite things, if you don't mind my complaining for a second...

i ran yesterday in a tank top in capris. it was almost 60 degrees! i woke up this morning to everything being covered in white. BLAST! it's still snowing currently and i have to drive to crested butte for a hair cut. i'm not happy. chase and i are angry. yes, i am well aware of how bratty we sound.

i suppose we'll get over it.

(this is the day the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it)


 happy weekend :) i have lots of sewing to do! these cute summer dresses aren't going to make themselves.



  1. Dixie Chicks are BACK?...well 2/3 of them!! I think you just made my day!

    Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Hey, Kim, I love your quilt fabric. Now I want to see your quilt pattern. Aunt Mary

  3. Toms shoes rock, for every pair you buy, they put a pair of shoes on a poor child in a 3rd world country. they actually go out themselves and do it. It's a beautiful concept. You can think of it as $20 for the shoes you get and $20 for a little kid. Isn't that perfect?


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