Friday, March 26, 2010

favorite things friday

"You turned my grief into a crazy dance. You made my sorrow burst into flowers. i cannot help but explode into song. i can't thank You enough. i can't thank You enough.
::enter the worship circle::

1. enter the worship circle's chair & microphone album is so great. give it a listen and go buy it. won't regret it.

2. j. crew's cascade ruffle tee in wild plum. it's currently all wrapped up next to me for my birthday. it's killing me. the worst part? now it's 19.50. i hate when things we purchase immediately go on sale and we live so far away from civilization that we can't go get it price adjusted. 

aye. rant over. 

if you go buy one on sale it will make me feel better. i'm serious....better than me buying another just to equal it out. and yes, i do that. guilty.

3. sweet fancy's little cottage pillows. so stinking cute. 

actually, her entire shop is lovely. check it out.

4. birthdays!!! 

(photo credit)

we're off to denver and boulder to celebrate mine. whoop!

(photo credit)

happy weekend!

**check out my husband's blog today for an interesting read on christian american's worshiping their country rather than their King in Heaven!**



  1. Cute stuff!

    Have fun on you Birthday weekend! Mine is April 9th :)

  2. did you go to worship at 8500 last year??

  3. Just found your blog through cakies... I like it! I appreciated your husband's words regarding worship/idolatry. Happy Easter!


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