Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i'm a little teapot killer.

r.i.p. robin's egg blue teapot without a whistle.

 you were given to me by a dear friend from high school at a bridal shower, but now you must inevitably go into the dumpster. i will miss you. you were very cute and i enjoyed you daily, but you were a quite mediocre teapot. you were by martha stewart, but you did not work that well.  you were robin's egg blue, but you did not whistle.

which is why you i almost burned the house down.

you see, i wanted to make coffee around 10 am. i got distracted and went upstairs to make a dress. this dress. 
(this happens way too often, i'm afraid)

i kept smelling something but i thought it was just my iron that i was using. 

i walk downstairs around 11:30 to find this.

it is burned, browned (which is funny because now it really looks like a robin's egg.), and the handle busted off because of the heat. all the water evaporated so its kind of cracked, too. 

i'm a cottonheadedninnymuggins. 


it has  been replaced with the equal amount of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows in the form of a yellow teakettle.

mr. yellow teapot, you were really expensive (i just found it for 15 bucks less than what i paid...blast....but i'm supporting local businesses, so whatever) and i spent my birthday money on you, but you had a whistle and you are yellow and happy, so i gladly brought you home.



  1. I'm beginning to suspect that this was no accident, not that I am opposed to getting anything Martha "inmate #55170-054" Stewart out of our house.

  2. Oh, these teapots are so adorable!
    Sad about the first one (must admit its the most beautiful I've seen ever!! RIP poor one...)
    The yellow one is fantastic too!
    Where do you get these finds?

  3. I think the blue teapot is the kind you don't put on the stovetop. It's the kind that you fill with the tea infuser and set on the table, that's why it doesn't have a whistle.

    I like that dress.

  4. chase- funny.

    galit- the blue was from macy's and was from martha stewart collection. the yellow one is a chantal and i found it at a local shop here, but it i found several online.

    kara- that makes sense. we've used it on the stove for the past year and a half and it worked well. we just kept an eye on it for when steam started coming out. i had no idea about the whole diffuser thing haha

  5. the yellow is perfect for spring. love it. i wish i could whip up a dress like you do. wow.

  6. the best part: the subliminal "sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows" better believe i watched the whole video.

    close second: elf. stinkin hilarious.

  7. sad, sad day little blue teapot!! I hope it treated you well :)

  8. it definitely did. i am still mourning.

  9. oh how sad!! It was so pretty! That's scary about the no whistle thing tho!! yikes.
    I actually have a similarly colored tea pot and I can't find it for sale anywhere...I'll be so sad when I have to toss it one day :(
    here's an old post I wrote about it when it was brand new :)

    I adore your new sunny yellow tea kettle tho!! It makes me want to go out and get a new tea pot for my kitchen, a whole collection even! LOL!!

  10. LOL! I couldn't help but laugh reading this post. A few weeks ago I put the kettle on (no whistle either) and went about doing some work. I ended up leaving suddenly to have lunch with my dad, did not even remember the kettle was on, came home to a burnt candle like smell and my brother, who lives with me, said he came downstairs and the kettle was just smoking on the stove. Now I never forget the kettle, because I am paranoid I am goig to burn the house down. I even check it on days I know I haven't even turned it on :)

  11. aww that's so sad about your pretty teapot! It's upsetting when beautiful things aren't functional :(

    P.S. That pink dress is too cute! Where is it from?

  12. i made it and it was in my shop, but it sold already! :)

  13. You know, that Martha Stewart teapot was actually recalled...I have the same one and it drives me batty that it doesn't whistle so I'm thinking about returning it.

  14. kim, i had this exact same teapot, got it at a bridal shower from some really sweet friends, and LOVED it too. and pretty much the exact same thing happened to mine - only instead of making a dress i was busy rocking my newborn back to sleep. i was so super sad about it - it happened a year ago & its still sitting in storage because i am too sad to throw it away. :)

  15. I remember a large silver coloured kettle we had, with a hinged lid on top, on one side of the handle.


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