Tuesday, March 30, 2010

news & blueberries & matching toms


so the news: i have partnered with cakies (my favorite blog in the world!) and have become one of her sponsors! i'm pumped about this. keep posted for a giveaway on her blog!

 sweet ricci made this button for me on the shortest notice ever.  she also sent me pictures of bluebonnets (since i won't get to see them blooming roadside this year) and cupcakes (because she knows i love them) this morning. she is a blessing.

the blueberries:
a new style for the farmer's market dress in a lighter blue is now in the shop. buy it here!

the toms:
 my beautiful sister-in-law, lauren, sent me these for my birthday! :) she's the greatest.



  1. That dress is fantastic-and those shoes...love them!

  2. the toms are to die for. love them. i want some. the button is beyond adorable! oh, and the dress... it's just perfect! too bad it doesn't come in maternity. : )

  3. i LOVE the color of those Toms!!!
    I seriously adore the dresses you make, they are just too pretty! I'm going to ask for one for my birthday this summer...cross your fingers for me! :D


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