Wednesday, March 17, 2010

parent's weekend 2010

i think only my dear aggies will appreciate that title...if only everyone thought i was as funny as i think of myself.

so my parents were here this weekend and it was wonderful. my mom booked her flight a while ago when my dad didn't think he would be able to come visit. he booked his last week and got a direct flight to gunnison for cheaper than my mom's flight to montrose. oopsies. haha

we ate a lot of good food, played bananagrams, made a lot of fabric roses and headbands(dad didn't participate in that one), shopped in crested butte and in good ol' gunny, and just had a lot of hanging out time. i miss that the most.

the highlight of the trip was sunday (gasp! no sunday morning church? chill. we went to the night service) when we headed up to CB for a day of skiing. 

i'm still sore. and i love living in the mountains. 

sidenote: downhill skiing is SO much work...and i'm over how heavy the equipment is. ease & convenience is why i will stick to cross country skiing. thank you.

the weather is getting warmer. the days are longer. summer is around the corner...after a couple months of slush and mud. 

anyone else want to come visit? :)


  1. I'll visit if there are Bananagrams involved :D and maybe I can learn some cross country skiing in the process...

  2. If you only knew how much I wish I could go for a visit. Glad you had a great time :)


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