Wednesday, March 3, 2010

seattle, we'll be back.

in the few days we were there, we squeezed in so much sight-seeing, shopping (anthro, fossil and urban...oh how i've missed you), food, walking, and an overdose of caffeine. seriously, chase had over 10 shots of espresso during the trip.

most getaways or vacations, i am so ready to go back home. however, i did NOT want to leave and i want to go back as soon as i can...but i probably should see new york, boston, chicago, etc before i go back.

seattle is such a cool city...even with the nonstop drizzle.

SO. get ready for some fun photos. 
here is a brief run down of what all (well, mostly all) we did while we were there.

we ate a lot of seafood....a lot of food in general, actually.

we had a lot of coffee. when we got tired of walking, we naturally went into a coffee shop to rejuvenate. they became our pitstops. 

here is chase ordering at the original starbucks. it was a madhouse.

another coffee shop you have to go to is cherry street coffee house. i had the best chai latte i've ever had in my life and ari said the same about her hot chocolate.  they also make pretty leaves on the top of your drink. i'm a sucker for presentation and you know that.

we went to the seattle aquarium. very cool. if only they had an albatross or two, it would have made the trip complete. they even had an area where you could touch the sea urchins, star fish, anemones, etc.
((i captured ari as my mermaid/sea horse hostage. ))

((see, neon colors weren't originated in the 80's.))

we went to pike place market and saw the famous fish throwing and bought some yummy fruit. 

saturday morning was sunny and beautiful. chase and i took advantage of it. i went for an awesome  run along the waterfront in this incredible park close to the hotel, which was just as amazing. chase took lots of pictures. 

speaking of our hotel, this was our view. not too shabby.

we went to mars hill church and got to hear john piper speak on killing sin and what that actually looks like. it was the best worship i've had in an long time.

this is their baptism wall, such a cool idea. 

had the best donuts ever. they put krispy kreme to shame. 

we heard some great music alongside some awesome food.  we went to an irish pub and also to a cajun restaurant and heard some blues/jazz. i miss culture, live music, and the exciting heartbeat of a big city.

we ate at the lunchbox laboratory, which is an awesome hole in the wall restaurant. we had ginormous burgers and shakes served in beakers. we got a nutella shake. 
 here is matt relishing in the "4th best day of his life"

 vintage lunch boxes. 

we went to piroshky, piroshky (thanks to this guy/tv show)

we saw the space needle, but didn't go up. ($17 are you kidding me?)

it seemed like spring had sprung and there were flowers blooming. trees were budding and daffodils were everywhere. 
i look like a little kid posing for my easter sunday photo. (did anyone else do that? haha)

we saw (from a distance) the majestic mt. ranier. we see a plethora of mountains every day, but this one was just stunning.

we walked. and walked. and walked some more. 
(and burned off some of those burger and shake calories)

we attempted a sunset viewing on the waterfront, but it was kinda cloudy. still pretty.

enjoyed some friend time.

enjoyed some couple time.

phew. the end. when can we go back?



  1. Now I want to go to Seattle! Too bad it is really far from here.

  2. 1. I have family that lives it!
    2. Almost got hit in the face with a fish at Pike's Market when I was 12.
    3. Nice coffee cozy.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I would so stinking love to see daffodils! Your trip looked like a lot of fun! But I can’t imagine any donut tasting better than a warm fresh Krispy Kreme.

  4. i just found your blog (via cakies)...and you (& your hubby) are ADORABLE! this trip to seattle was a bit nostalgic for me...i'm from the northwest, but the *other* side of WA :) makes me want to be a "tourist" in seattle again. might have just inspired me!


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