Tuesday, March 9, 2010


 priscilla ahn is singing her pretty little songs in the background.

yellow roses in the kitchen are brightening up my week.

the new anna maria pattern is on its way to my doorstep.

colors & fabrics for my quilt are finally picked out 

starburst jellybeans are going quickly 

a roast is in the crock pot, making the house smell yummmmmy.

i got a new sketchbook from locust street

...and lots of housework is yet to be done. no fun picture for that.

however, let's be honest. the other (good) stuff totally makes up for the cleaning & the laundry. 

p.s. my mom & dad are coming to visit at the end of this week! WHOOP!

happy tuesday. i'm relieved that monday is over, aren't you?

-------- update --------

 (screen shot)


  1. hey : ) i know you are super busy with everything it seems like BUT let me know if you are ever still interested in making those tshirt quilts and we can work out a deal! miss you friend!

  2. I stumbled on to your site from Tater Tots and Jello, I think, and I just love your blog! Good work. Keep it up so I can keep coming back. -Kelly, the photographer from Prescott, AZ

  3. Mine are coming on Saturday too!!!

  4. GREAT patterns!!! And I now want to make a roast in my crockpot! Such a positive post for a Monday :D


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