Monday, March 22, 2010


i posted the first of my rosette necklaces in the shop. thoughts?

i ate 200+ calories worth of twizzler's pull & peel.
i hung out with my favorite 5 year old, ollie, and played plenty of "red light, green light." we got bored with it and added "black light" which means you have to bunny hop. really cool, i know.

i was going to make 3 dresses...but my serger is broken :(

i joined twitter. who am i? and what do i do now? seriously...i still don't really get it. i'm only 22 (23 on sunday!!!!!), so why is technology so baffling to me?
anywho...follow @ohsweetjoy for exclusive sales, promotions, and discounts. yada yada yada.

i wished i worked at a cupcakery. heck...i just wish i lived somewhere cool enough to have one within a 20 mile radius. soon enough. soon enough.
((check out her flickr group and be prepared to drool over her designs.))

i thought a lot about the future....not the "everyone has their own flying automobile and  dresses  like lady gaga (God help her)" future,

but just the changes in location and vocations that chase & i will be making in the months to come. exciting stuff. more to come later when i'm positive that i'm allowed to talk about it on here.

hope your monday was splendid.


  1. Love the rosette necklace and must have one! I haven't seen my spring and summer clothes in so long that I'm not sure about colors, so I will get back with you. Love, Aunt Mary

  2. hay! waco, tx has a cup cake place!.. i dont think that qualifies it as a cool city tho!:)


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