Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what day is it again?


i'm not sure. my computer says wednesday, so let's go with that.

i've been wanting to make a girly version of my favorite kavu bag.
(kavu keeper. one of the best buys of my life)

so i made this yesterday. not sure how i feel about it. that's what happens when you make a pattern up as you go. 

i need to tweak the design a bit. i made the straps really wide because i think they're more comfortable. it looks a little wonky with such a small bag. next time they will be skinnier (and inevitably a lot more difficult to flip right side out. my favorite.) 

maybe i should invest in one of these (a loop turner). 

i also received these beauties yesterday. i've been looking for the bird fabric for a lonnnnng time. 

they will make super cute coffee cuffs, clutches, and bags like the one above, no?

happy whatever day it is. :)



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