Friday, April 30, 2010

favorite things friday!

this week has been hard. frustrating. depressing. sad. dumb. stressful. exhausting. i thought at least once every day "i hate today."  i would go see a doctor if this lasted...because this is just not like me. but i promise this is the first time this has happened for more than half an hour. it's just a funk.

nothing terrible happened. i promise. just a bunch of pity parties, petty arguments, selfishness, tears (when i start, i can't stop.), homesickness, no motivation, no inspiration, no creativity. 

(( wow, kim this looks like it is going to be a fun post! ))

so this favorite things friday thing is a pain in the butt right now, but is probably a bit of therapy for me at the moment. i need to be focusing on the good things. these little things just might get me inspired today.


sidenote: my husband just left the house with guns, a pipe, his machete (?!), a flannel shirt, his headlamp, bible, and journal. 

"i've got more ammo than i do clothes"

oh, how different men's retreats are from women's retreats.


1. bunting flags. i made a few strands for a baby shower i'm hosting and i'm about to make some for my farmer's market booth that says "oh, sweet joy." you can't tell me these don't make your heart smile.

2. good breakfast. i've been neglecting my breakfast this week because i ran out of cereal and didn't want to go buy more. can you say lazy? this morning i woke up i made this. 

3. my pinking shears. people always recommended these things and i basically said in my head "don't tell me what i need" oh, hey pride. good to see you again.

anywho, bunting flags were taking way.too.stinking.long and i like the "raw" look of ones made with pinking shears. so there we go. i bought them. they save a TON of time. they're fun. and can cut through home decor fabric like nobody's business. athankyou.

4. playing grown up's etsy shop. absolutely brilliant. so fun. i want one. or two.

how fun would they be as props for save the dates, baby or graduation announcements? i think all photographers should have a few as props. just sayin.

5. isaiah 55:12 i encouraged someone with this verse earlier in the week and its been constantly on my mind the last few days. i just love every part of it. the promise of peace. the pardon of the wrath we deserve. God's triumphant grace. the excitement of creation.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

 6. love146. 

every minute, 2 children are sold. SOLD. taken from their families and sold to scumbags. 

i'm a bit wordy today, so that means about 4-6 children have been sold into slavery since you started reading this post. 

i love what love146 does.  i hate that we live in a world where this is so important and necessary. i hate that its even possible for young children to be sexually exploited. 

i hate that these kids get their childhood taken from them. they don't get to play hop scotch. no mac n cheese. no playgrounds. no sidewalk chalk. no running around. no bike riding. no laughing and giggling with their friends.

i hate that people don't realize there is still human slavery going on in our world. but you can help. go here for more information on the issue and find out how to help. whether that means donating a percentage of your sales (that's been my conviction & action), buying items from their store for a partial donation but free advertising when you wear them, whatever. 



Wednesday, April 28, 2010


enjoying these on my kitchen table today. it's the simple things, right?

i also ate angel food cake for breakfast today. breakfast of champions. i guess it's better than birthday cake.  i much rather would have had this. 

new earrings in the shop. check 'em out. i won't be adding a lot for the next month...i need to start stocking up for the farmer's market!

off to crested butte to paint pottery with my favorite 5 1/2 year old!


Monday, April 26, 2010

etsy monday - mother's day gifts

we all know that mother's love handmade gifts. i'm not naive to think, however, that everyone has time to make homemade gifts for their wonderful moms for mother's day! 

kim to the rescue. 

i've done some digging and have come up with a few gifts that i would totally give my mom and mother-in-law. ready? set? go.

1. custom stamped silver jewelry. i'm partial to lisa leonard designs....especially her heart strings necklace

 however, it can get a bit pricey if you're buying for two! if you don't have that much in your budget for mom's special day...then head on over to etsy for some less expensive options. 

2. for a mom who loves to entertain, check out these great chalkcloth bottle labels from anne b!

3. another favorite is this great family tree from cozy blue! they're so unique and a great spin on your typical "family tree"

4. for a mom that's a starbucks addict coffee or tea lover, consider a designer fabric coffee cuff from my shop! pair the $6 cuff with a $5 gift card and you've got yourself an adorable gift for under $15! 
custom orders are more than welcome. 

5. for moms with a sense of humor, try this tattoo to win her heart. (my mom would disown me)

or...more recommended: go for the temporary option, found here.  

6. for the business professional mommy, these gussy laptop bags are brilliant and beautiful.

if i was a mom or a mom-to-be, which i'm not, i would be begging asking for this for mother's day.  
anna maria, please stop making my favorite fabrics in rug form. actually, don't. i'll get one eventually. i forgot, this post isn't about me. oops. 

so, shop handmade for mother's day! you'll both feel great about it :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

favorite things friday

1. photos of customers wearing oh, sweet joy!

here is a sweet girl that i cheered with in h.s. (on the left) at their old south ball wearing her robin's egg blue headband. how fun are those dresses?!

aaaand here are two sweet sisters that are close to my heart! alex (on the right) was one of my bridesmaids & also a roomie... and becca is wearing the (best seller!) yellow rose of texas headband!

**if you have photos of you or a friend wearing oh, sweet joy headbands, dresses, or anything from the shop, send 'em along! i'd love to showcase them :) **

2. ryan price photography - i met ryan my freshman year of college at A&M. we went to the same church and served on the praise team together. He is SO talented (at photography AND the piano!) and has even been featured on the knot! that's big time!!  He has such a creative eye for engagements, family photos, lifestyle shoots, baby pictures, and weddings.

here are a few of my favorites.

((and look how pretty my friend, ricci, looks in her oh, sweet joy party skirt and braided fabric headband! shameless plug. ))
((one of the most adorable (and one of my FAVORITE) families from texas.))

check out his blog and flickr page. and hire him next time you need a photographer! you won't be let down. i'm blown away EVERY time someone i know uses him.

3. coffee mate hazelnut creamer--just used the last of mine. anyone else have a flavor recommendation? :)

4. tracy morgan. not many people can make me laugh as hard as this fella. for example:

5. toms cordones. remember how i got the linen ones from my (awesome) sister in law for my birthday? well, they were too big :( and my feet are narrow and the toms people said that they would just stretch more. bummer. so i forked over a little bit of extra cash and got these! i wasn't sure about them, but they are so fun. i kinda feel like a hipster (see here) wearing them...but i'm sure i'll get over that.

keds are making a comeback...and these remind of me keds...but you can't beat the fact that a child is getting a pair of shoes because you purchased a pair for yourself! jackpot. 

6. 1 timothy  4:9-10...our small group is going through paul's letters to timothy. this verse has stuck out to me this week & i wanted to encourage you with it!

The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance. For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe. 

we serve a living Savior, y'all! that's something to get excited about daily, if you ask me.

happy weekend :)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

not just for city girls

see? oh, sweet joy headbands are for granola girls, too! :)

and check out how handsome my husband is. 

*sigh* i'm so ready for these

and these

and especially these.

ps i declared today cleaning up & organizing my studio day. notice i'm downstairs blogging. sheesh. i spent an hour folding fabric and trying to organize "ready made" items and supplies. i'm seeing no progress. this will take all day. wish me luck.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bangles in the shop

bangles are ready and in the shop! there are several sets available and i'm not sure when i will make more so get them while you can!

in other news...

i bought this sweet robin print from alisia k photography and i am so happy with it. i love robins! :)


and i forgot to bring my ranunculus inside last night. i hope it didn't get zapped by the freeze! :(

it's currently sitting in the sun on the heated floor haha

 dear ranunculus bulbs. please look like this one day.

happy wednesday!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

braided fabric bangles

i was playing yesterday and came up with these. i haven't taken the one i made for myself off yet. i might be obsessed. 

here's a preview of a few sets i made today. they'll be in sets of three. fun stuff, friends. fun stuff.

also i forgot to tell you that i did a trade with a new blog & etsy friend of mine, ilene at "much love, illy." it was a friendship waiting to happen.

i sent her a rosette headband and she sent me this headband. i love poppies!!!

trades are the best.


Monday, April 19, 2010

etsy monday - bicycles

**something is going on with my spacing. stupid blogspot. ignore it, por favor :)**

i want to ride my bicycle...i want to ride my biiiiiike

soundtrack for this post? sure.

so i've been riding my bike everywhere lately. thank you, spring, for 
FINALLY making your way to Gunny.

in case you have just now started to read this little ol' blog of mine (speaking of...100 followers? crazy! thanks!) heres my  
cute little diy makeover i did last summer to an old huffy that i got for 3 dollars at a yard sale. jackpot! 

complete with a coffee cup holder, a brand new leather seat, fun saddle baskets, a ding ding bell, and sweet grips...and of course it's robin's egg blue.

anywho...i thought i could revisit my etsy monday days and feature some sweet "bike friendly" finds.

scarf from ajpaul
tshirts from happyfamily & bminus (respectively)

cute buttons from buttonsandsuch
how cute would these be on a little jacket for your bambino?
and good luck finding this next item...much less for a reasonable price...but its cute nonetheless.
heather ross fabric from hartwelldesigns (1 yard for 37.50 ha)

fun print from studio1212

AWESOME wall decor from WowWall
great necklace from kylieparry

brilliant personalized set from silhouetteblue


cute earring holder from briannajenkins!!

(also doing a giveaway @ cluck cluck sew)
there ya go! now i'm going to ride my bike to the post office. yay! :)