Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bangles in the shop

bangles are ready and in the shop! there are several sets available and i'm not sure when i will make more so get them while you can!

in other news...

i bought this sweet robin print from alisia k photography and i am so happy with it. i love robins! :)


and i forgot to bring my ranunculus inside last night. i hope it didn't get zapped by the freeze! :(

it's currently sitting in the sun on the heated floor haha

 dear ranunculus bulbs. please look like this one day.

happy wednesday!



  1. i heart ranunculus. had a whole bouquet of them at my wedding which was 9 years ago today! i love your shop photos. you are so inspiring!!

  2. your bangles are so cute!! i love all the different fabrics! so fun!

    oh & btw- i am having a spring etsy giveaway on my blog this week! check it out:

    thanks! & i love your blog!

  3. The bands are beautiful.


  4. the bangles are SO PRETTY!
    I need to pick me up some purple ones. xoxox

  5. aww thanks! ;)
    ..i'm so happy you love the print.
    love the bangles, too.
    you are so creative!!

  6. Love your bangles!!! Super pretty and fun!
    Have a great shiny week!!


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