Thursday, April 1, 2010


ummm I want this dress.

isn't it beautiful? spool no. 72 is my biggest temptation at the moment. move over, anthropologie.

i have lots to do today. really, i do. 3 dresses, custom orders, post office, laundry, cleaning, oil change, return skis, etc.

however, all i can do is look at this site.

sidenote: thank you mr. post man and above all fabric for teaming up to bring me these goodies just i needed another distraction. sheesh.

in other news, check out the cakies button is in the top right hand corner! whoop!

in other, OTHER news...please visit Heather's blog for a guest post on modesty. 

that is all. scattered random and concise. it's usually the first and never the second. 



  1. i lOVE anthro and that top is cute and those fabrics are so fun! what are you planning on making ?

  2. with that fabric...hmmm a skirt and some clutches and possibly some coffee cuffs!

  3. Oh that dress is awesome! Spool no 72 is one of my favs!!!


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