Monday, April 19, 2010

etsy monday - bicycles

**something is going on with my spacing. stupid blogspot. ignore it, por favor :)**

i want to ride my bicycle...i want to ride my biiiiiike

soundtrack for this post? sure.

so i've been riding my bike everywhere lately. thank you, spring, for 
FINALLY making your way to Gunny.

in case you have just now started to read this little ol' blog of mine (speaking of...100 followers? crazy! thanks!) heres my  
cute little diy makeover i did last summer to an old huffy that i got for 3 dollars at a yard sale. jackpot! 

complete with a coffee cup holder, a brand new leather seat, fun saddle baskets, a ding ding bell, and sweet grips...and of course it's robin's egg blue.

anywho...i thought i could revisit my etsy monday days and feature some sweet "bike friendly" finds.

scarf from ajpaul
tshirts from happyfamily & bminus (respectively)

cute buttons from buttonsandsuch
how cute would these be on a little jacket for your bambino?
and good luck finding this next item...much less for a reasonable price...but its cute nonetheless.
heather ross fabric from hartwelldesigns (1 yard for 37.50 ha)

fun print from studio1212

AWESOME wall decor from WowWall
great necklace from kylieparry

brilliant personalized set from silhouetteblue


cute earring holder from briannajenkins!!

(also doing a giveaway @ cluck cluck sew)
there ya go! now i'm going to ride my bike to the post office. yay! :)



  1. This is such a fun post! Perfect for the warmer spring weather. Thank you for including my bike necklace.
    Cheers! Kylie

  2. OK, seriously, what a CUTE post! I love everything from the buttons to the wall decor. Great items!

  3. i love your $3 bike! so cute after you did your thing to it. love all the etsy handmade goodness!

  4. Great stuff! Thanks so much for the mention :)

    b minus ::

  5. SO fun! Thank you for the link!
    I seriously love all these fun bicycles!

  6. Love this! I was just talking to a friend about getting a bike and fixing it up. :)

  7. missy- you totally should! I ended up spending around $100 for good paint, but you can definitely go cheaper!!

  8. Crazy enough my sis-in-law used the heather ross fabric to make all of her daughter's crib bedding and my mom-in-law used that same line to make matching outfits for her 3 grandkids! I don't know if my sis-in-law used the bike peice. Adeline's top is made from the bus fabric in that line. too ironic! I'd post of pic for you to see it if I could. But you can see the some of the bedding and valance if you go here

  9. I think I'm going to buy that bike heart shirt for myself. It's awesome. I just bought a new cruiser yesterday and it's sitting in the living room just so I can see it often and do a little cheer.

  10. Love these bikes! I featured coaster bikes on a Friday Faves blog post a little bit ago.

    Looks like you do Friday Favorites, too. Yay! Can't wait to take a peek at what you have here.

  11. You may have already seen this little bicycle dress but if not, here it is.
    Tried it on, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm sure it's meant for some lucky girl, though.

  12. Cute bike finds!! Love your blog! :)


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