Friday, April 16, 2010

favorite things friday

first thing's first:
if you haven't gone HERE to enter the giveaway for some oh, sweet joy loot, what are you waiting for?! :)

1. hanson's new video. a few reasons why i love it. it's fun. it's happy. there's a girl wearing red toms. it's silly. there's a little girl at 2:10 dancing her little heart out and it's quite adorable.

yo, check it.

2. lime ricki swimsuits. CUTE. modest swimsuits. can i get a hallelujah ladies? no one wants their junk hangin' out at the pool. and if you do, maybe you should consider your heart. 

heather blogged about them last year (and this year too) but i had already purchased my suit for the summer. this year i'm all about it....and even have a coupon code. whoop. 

i think i've decided that i'm getting the kassie. we'll see. no one ever said i was decisive.

3. basil & lola. this etsy shop  is incredible. 

i literally look at it every day and just stare. the colors are so pretty and everything is so unique. it's too expensive for me, but hey, if i could afford it, i would have it all.  tax refund money?

ha. yeah right. i will start saving for one. this one.

4. spool no. 72's ruby tuesday top. 

hate the restaurant. love the blouse. so pretty.

5. Ett Twa Burmuda Shorts at Anthro.

i think i need to snag a pair of these for our adventure in august. don't know what i'm talking about? muahahha. :) maybe you will find out later. 

happy weekend!



  1. Love that blouse. It's really cute. Have a good weekend.

  2. oh gosh, let me just say i'm SO HAPPY i'm not the only one who still loves hanson! AHHH. and the kassie tankini top is lovely. i actually have a lime ricki suit, i got it last summer. it's the ava one piece. i love it!!!

    xoxox happy friday!

  3. Love basil and lo and the ruby tuesday top. I entered your giveaway, im also a native texan.

  4. The hanson video is amazing!

  5. That video is awesome!


  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Those are the Hanson kids?! I can hardly believe it! Love the video and song, though.

  7. oh, haha. I didnt notice the video the first time. But it was great. We have the same last name and when they first came out everyone would sing mmmbop to me. They sure grew up though.

  8. I mean seriously... could your blog be any cuter and more creative!?

    Not sure how I stumbled across it but SO glad I did!!! LOVE that you sew!!! Will be adding you to my favorites!

  9. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog via You are my Fave, and I have to tell you that it's great! Also, I live in Tulsa where that Hanson video was filmed, and I have friends in it and friends who helped make it happen. Kinda awesome, isn't it?! It's just about to reach a million hits on MySpace. :) Thanks for linking to it! Spread the love!!!


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