Friday, April 30, 2010

favorite things friday!

this week has been hard. frustrating. depressing. sad. dumb. stressful. exhausting. i thought at least once every day "i hate today."  i would go see a doctor if this lasted...because this is just not like me. but i promise this is the first time this has happened for more than half an hour. it's just a funk.

nothing terrible happened. i promise. just a bunch of pity parties, petty arguments, selfishness, tears (when i start, i can't stop.), homesickness, no motivation, no inspiration, no creativity. 

(( wow, kim this looks like it is going to be a fun post! ))

so this favorite things friday thing is a pain in the butt right now, but is probably a bit of therapy for me at the moment. i need to be focusing on the good things. these little things just might get me inspired today.


sidenote: my husband just left the house with guns, a pipe, his machete (?!), a flannel shirt, his headlamp, bible, and journal. 

"i've got more ammo than i do clothes"

oh, how different men's retreats are from women's retreats.


1. bunting flags. i made a few strands for a baby shower i'm hosting and i'm about to make some for my farmer's market booth that says "oh, sweet joy." you can't tell me these don't make your heart smile.

2. good breakfast. i've been neglecting my breakfast this week because i ran out of cereal and didn't want to go buy more. can you say lazy? this morning i woke up i made this. 

3. my pinking shears. people always recommended these things and i basically said in my head "don't tell me what i need" oh, hey pride. good to see you again.

anywho, bunting flags were taking way.too.stinking.long and i like the "raw" look of ones made with pinking shears. so there we go. i bought them. they save a TON of time. they're fun. and can cut through home decor fabric like nobody's business. athankyou.

4. playing grown up's etsy shop. absolutely brilliant. so fun. i want one. or two.

how fun would they be as props for save the dates, baby or graduation announcements? i think all photographers should have a few as props. just sayin.

5. isaiah 55:12 i encouraged someone with this verse earlier in the week and its been constantly on my mind the last few days. i just love every part of it. the promise of peace. the pardon of the wrath we deserve. God's triumphant grace. the excitement of creation.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

 6. love146. 

every minute, 2 children are sold. SOLD. taken from their families and sold to scumbags. 

i'm a bit wordy today, so that means about 4-6 children have been sold into slavery since you started reading this post. 

i love what love146 does.  i hate that we live in a world where this is so important and necessary. i hate that its even possible for young children to be sexually exploited. 

i hate that these kids get their childhood taken from them. they don't get to play hop scotch. no mac n cheese. no playgrounds. no sidewalk chalk. no running around. no bike riding. no laughing and giggling with their friends.

i hate that people don't realize there is still human slavery going on in our world. but you can help. go here for more information on the issue and find out how to help. whether that means donating a percentage of your sales (that's been my conviction & action), buying items from their store for a partial donation but free advertising when you wear them, whatever. 




  1. Really encouraging post and verse. Let me know if you ever have ideas for designs to get into the Love146 Store; looking forward to following your blog more. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. So, it's my first time at your blog and the first post snagged me good, not to mention the adorable blog header pic.

    Bunting Flags-always love them... just didn't know that was what they were called. CUTE!

    You coffee mug with the owls started screaming my name... where did you get it?

    Pinking shears, you are so right!

    Heading to that ETSY shop and yours very soon.

    Ummmm, the LOVE 146 made me cry. I have 4 children and honestly, I purposefully avoid hearing such tragedies because it nearly kills me. I will go and make a donation.

    Thanks for the inspiration today. I'm sure your funk will leave, it is just a sign that you have great thoughts and emotions--It's part of being an amazing woman!


  3. addendum.... I hate it when I don't proof before I hit post....
    You (at the owl comment) should have been your.... I leave off r's a lot.... must not like that button :)

  4. ivy! thanks for the sweet words :) the mug is from pier 1 was like 3 bucks!!!

  5. I am sorry you have had a blue week! =( Here's to hoping things get sunny again soon!

    Exploitation of women and children is one of the most disheartening and sickening things I can think of. Thanks for reminding us about what we can do to combat it!

  6. awww i am soo sorry you are having a bad week sweetie, i hope the weekend only gets better for you!! and you are right, that bunting does make me smile, it's soo lovely! can't wait to see your oh, sweet joy one!

  7. Cheer up Kim! I hope things start looking up for you.

    I wish I had a giant iPhone to voice my every thought one....if only.

  8. *every though on

    (clearly not my day either, as I am an English Nazi)

  9. *thought on


  10. Hi! I saw that you're a fellow follower of Etsy it Up and wanted to let you know I'm having my first giveaway on my blog for a Paula Deen Stoneware Baker! Come on over and enter if you're interested!

  11. Last weekend, I was part of a marathon flag cutting session! My friend is making them for her wedding. While I love pinking shears, you should try the pinking blade for your rotary cutter. It really sped things up!

  12. I your week gets better! And yay, it's the weekend!

    I love the mustache. So cute!

    I'm having a blog party tomorrow and I'd love it if you linked up!

  13. Press on my sister. I have found I want to blame myself when I have times like this past week of yours (and there have been plenty in my life). But I've learned recently it's not always emotions and hormones but our #1 enemy Satan. I'm especially attacked when I'm doing good with daily time in the Word and prayer. Press on!

  14. Hey girl. . .Just read your post this morning. . .so sorry it's been a hard week. .prayed Romans12:12 for you this am. . .blessings and love you. .


  15. Hi Kim! I love the bunting flags, I'm starting to plan a baby shower for July, and this is a great idea! Sorry you're feeling a bit low, that stuff is always temporary but it sure feels like forever when you're in it! Anyway, I'm so happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so we could meet, I'm definitely following, and look forward to seeing more!

  16. What's even more awesome than pinking shears for making buntings? A pinking blade for your rotary cutter!


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