Friday, April 2, 2010

free stuff and discounts are good.

*make it to the end of the post for a special promotion for yellow songbird readers!!*

free stuff is good. i usually go out of my way most times to get things for free or at discount. 

i got these today for a mere $5 for shipping. free. plus shipping. worth it. 

business cards are fun, especially these from that came with fun packaging 
(a "yay!" sticker? brilliant)

moo & etsy teamed up and i got sweet cards. good game, team.

((my favorites.))

there are a few that are very sukie...i'm a fan. i got this book from urban while we were in seattle and its SO fun. the iron ons work really well, too. even better!!

okay. speaking of discounts & free stuff...i found this shop this past week. it makes me want to have a girl so bad and dress her up in all this stuff!!! in due time...
kangacoo is giving yellow songbird readers a special deal!!

buy ONE item in april and mention my blog in your "notes to seller"...and you will get a coupon with your purchase for 50% off one item in May!! 

"great, kim." you're saying, while rolling your eyes... "i have to spend money on a full price item to get a coupon. only you do this. stupid"

geeze, y'all are rude! (kidding)

all of her spring & summer collection (which is all super cute and pretty affordable!) is already 25% off for a limited time!!! so basically you're getting two discounts! she will have more spring & summer looks ready in May for you to use your coupon on. 


so head on over to kangacoo and check out her cute girly fashions! :)

happy friday!



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