Thursday, April 22, 2010

not just for city girls

see? oh, sweet joy headbands are for granola girls, too! :)

and check out how handsome my husband is. 

*sigh* i'm so ready for these

and these

and especially these.

ps i declared today cleaning up & organizing my studio day. notice i'm downstairs blogging. sheesh. i spent an hour folding fabric and trying to organize "ready made" items and supplies. i'm seeing no progress. this will take all day. wish me luck.



  1. Hehe! Your husband IS handsome!


  2. LOVE the snowy backdrop, but I can understand how you'd want to see those gorgeous flowers after the winter we had!

  3. I have never seen a purple and yellow daffodil (it is a daffodil, right?!) BEAUTIFUL! AND yes your husband is handsome! hehe.

  4. brigittemarie:

    they are actually columbines and come in so many color combinations! i love them! :) i've never thought about it before...but they definitely look like emo daffodils! :)


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