Monday, April 12, 2010


yesterday it was sunny (windy) and almost 70 degrees! we were literally outside all day besides church. 

we rode our bikes around trying to find tennis courts with nets up. no luck. 
we rode up to the college and still no luck. we ran at the track instead. biked home. sat outside for the remainder of the day. 

we are quite sunburned, but don't mind it :)

best of all, the chaco tan is back! whoop.

anywho....ready for another giveaway of oh, sweet joy goodies?

head on over to the "chicken soup for the dorky soul" blog for an interview with yours truly and a giveaway!

(i kind of feel bad now for my shameless making fun of chicken poop soup for the whatever soul.)

not really. i will forever call it chicken poop.

how was your weekend?

happy monday. today is a busy one.



  1. oh wow, thank you so much for that truth on my hoppy easter post. you're right. and like, i KNEW that it wouldn't mean anything if He had just died ONLY, but i feel like the fact that He DID die, for ME, just that fact alone is huge to me. thank you kim!

    ps i entered the giveaway at chicken soup's blog! heheh. i'll probably end up buying something from your shop one day soon anyway. xoxox

  2. Wasn't it so beautiful out yesterday?! I'm so glad that spring is in the air. I spent a lot of time outside as well.

  3. I LOVE Chaco tan lines! I get them every year as well... they usually last throughout most of winter.


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