Friday, May 28, 2010

favorite things friday

1. baseball games. go rockies!
(let it be known that i have a special place in my heart for concession stand food)

2. mason jars. i find an excuse to use them for anything. glasses, vases, cupcake holders, storage, candle holders, and at the wedding this past weekend they were hung from trees with sand and candles inside. adorable!

3. when my items make the front page of etsy! if only i hadn't been at a bootcamp and disconnected from the internet. i didn't get to see it in all it's front page glory! the myetsy tab on facebook featured it on my page for me. awesome! :)

4. when anna maria fabric goes on sale. head on over to  the fabric worm to check it out. 

5. Geninne's Art Blog. Chase gave me one of her prints for our anniversary (the one with two birds wearing winter hats) and i just found her blog last week and subscribed to it. She is so DANG creative & just flat out talented....and she mostly paints birds! whoop haha
 (photo property of geninne's etsy shop)

6. multi-strand necklaces. they're so fun! get some bright colors and pair with a white tank and some linen pants...perfect for summer!
(this is one is by R.J. Graziano and can be purchased here in some wonderful colors) 
 that's all!! what are some of your favorite things this week? :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

denver/guest blog


chase and i are in denver for today & tomorrow for an Acts 29 conference. i'll be back in time for favorite things friday :)

in the mean time, head on over to the outdoor wife where I am guest blogging today!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

City Craft, a Sale, and a Cute Dress


This girl is feeling more than a little under the weather, but there's no time to lay around. It's beautiful outside (not that I'll go work out with this cough, but maybe a walk?), I've got earrings to photograph & list on etsy, a blog to write, things to sew, dishes to clean and laundry to do.

So let's do this.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to City Craft in Dallas with my mom. It's an ADORABLE sewing & fabric boutique that offers a wide variety of designer fabrics and sewing classes. It was a super quick trip because I had a wedding to go get ready for, but it was plenty of time to snap some pictures and see all they had to offer. 

The best part, upon walking in, was that I didn't feel overwhelmed. Everything was well-organized, clean, and colorful.  I was greeted right away and chatted it up with the sales girls for a bit. My mom, who doesn't even love to sew, was even having fun looking at all the fun fabrics. She picked out some oil cloth/laminated cotton for me to make her a makeup bag with. 

First impression ((window display)) won me over with robin's egg blue and Anna Maria Horner.
(sorry for the glare/reflection)

They had an abundance of great patterns

beautiful displays of fabric & thread

an awesome sale table (who doesn't like fabric on sale?!)

a cute green wall of well-displayed trims & tools

plenty of zippers

a cute little sitting area

and a sewing area in the back. Ashley was actually making something back there and it gave the shop a really cool vibe having someone sewing away.

City Craft offers sewing classes such as Beginner Basics, Retro Apron, Oilcloth Zippered Make-Up Bags, Basics for Kids, Teens, and a LOT more! 

If you live, or are ever in, the Dallas area, go check out City Craft.  It's right off the toll-road on Lovers. You won't regret it!

i'm going to drink some emergen-c (with sprite & orange juice, duh) and take a little walk to the river.

PS **I made this little number last night. I'm wanting to wear a teal or light blue sash with it. What do you think?**


Monday, May 24, 2010


when we go to texas, it is inevitably a whirlwind. we wouldn't have it any other way! 

here's a look at our lone star state vacay. 
(chase was doing wedding stuff during all these photos where i am meeting with people)

 drew graduates from tca!

breakfast at chick-fil-a with chelsea! (she was my MOH) we also proceeded to target & the j.crew outlet. 

lunch at mimi's with memaw, grandy, kaylie and her boyfriend, JR

i got to go to city craft! i will do a whole post about the cutest fabric shop in the world later this week!

and the wedding (well, reception):
 chase & ryan with the groom. besties from tca. 

 snapped this and it makes me laugh. check out scott's (on the far right) face

me with the beautiful bride!

oh, hey dance floor. get it.

me & the hubs. 
((i was throwing back my head to get my bangs out of my face. i promise i love him and like to be close to him.))

i also got time with my parents but forgot to get pictures. dangit. my brother and his girlfriend even surprised me friday night and came in from south texas! 
such a great weekend

happy monday!


Friday, May 21, 2010

favorite things friday


magnolia trees in full bloom.

green grass.


sweet time catching up with friends. 

tex mex. 

i'm loving every (busy) second of being home. leaving early on sunday probably won't be easy. 

hope your weekend is lovely! 


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

refurbished t-shirt dress tutorial

so in my other etsy shop, hemmed in vintage, i used to specialize in vintage tee refurbishing and gameday dresses. these dresses were the first thing i learned to sew and so i think they are super easy. i hope they end up being easy for you too! 

you can also do this same cut out and tutorial with cute designer fabric and make just a cute summer dress, like this

i'll probably show how to make one of those with straps or a halter strap next week! :)

(i apologize for the flash being used in the photos...this was done later yesterday afternoon and my studio didn't have enough light for the camera!)

what you'll need is two tshirts. one for the top, one for the bottom. typically, when i do custom orders i ask for two Large to XL shirts. the more fabric you have to work with, the easier it is. i usually use the "logo" for the top and the "blank" for the bottom, but wanted to switch it up for this one. 

you will also need two strands of elastic, safety pin, scissors, thread, a sewing machine and....THAT'S IT!

let's do this!

step 1: cut out your shapes. on your "skirt" piece, use the complete bottom hem of the tshirt, find the middle, go up 20-23 inches (depending on how long you want it) and mark. from that mark, make a horizontal line anywhere from 16-20 inches, depending on your size. i typically do 17...and make sure it is centered! from the edges of those lines, make an a-line to the bottom hem corners. 
 (please don't use green chalk, i just wanted to make sure you could see it!)

on the "top" piece, make a rectangle the same length as your skirt top and anywhere from 7-9 inches tall. i typically do 7.5 inches and am a small B cup. when i am making dresses for girls with C or D cups, i do at least 8"

step 2: serge or sew the sides of both pieces, wrong sides facing out and right sides facing in. 

when you are done with this step, you should have these two pieces:

step 3: this part is tricky & not easily photograhed so read carefully. turn your skirt piece RIGHT side out & your top piece INSIDE OUT. if your top piece has a logo, then make sure it is upside down. line up the edges like so:

sew ALL the way around with about a 5/8" seam.

now flip the dress totally inside out and lay the flap DOWN. 

sew that all the way around, but leave an inch or so opening. this is your elastic casing for the waist.

step 4: now sew a top hem/casing on your top piece about the width of your elastic & leave an opening to feed the elastic through.

it should look something like this at this point:

step 5: feed your elastic through both hems

 making sure they aren't twisted anywhere, sew them flat together, overlapping about an inch or so. i do a zig zag stitch forwards and backwards about 6 times.

step 6: add any straps, embellishments, patches, etc. 

step 7: put it on, put on some boots, admire your work and look stinkin' cute! :)

there ya go! anyone know anyone who would be in the market for a roger creager dress? haha

if you have any questions, please email me! i'll be happy to answer them :)

we are leaving for texas today! 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a few things...

i received my labels in the mail yesterday! jennifer's jewels etsy shop made them for me and did an absolutely awesome job. just look at 'em!! 
this is where i need your help. 
they are obviously going on the dresses, etc. but where should they go on the coffee cuffs?

speaking of, i made this guy in honor of my bee sting. it makes me laugh. you can buy it here.
(its so gray outside this morning. bleh)

my ranunculus finally sprouted!!! well, one of them anyways. hooray!

how cute are these napkins from martha stewart? maybe i just like the colors and "staging" in the photo. tutorial here. 
 (photo credit

want a new button for your blog? head on over to the buffalo blog to enter this giveaway!! lisa does incredible work and is so adorable!!
(photo credit lisa nelson)

stay posted this week for a tutorial that everyone (and by everyone...i mean 5 people) has been asking me for. get pumped!


Monday, May 17, 2010

here i am!

whoa! hello! didn't mean to disappear for the past few days...we had friends in town and spent some lovely time with them! 

we went to crested butte to mountain bike on thursday. it was snowing and cold, but we (allison and i) toughed it out for as long as we could. i hit a snow bank, my bike got stuck, and fell down a hill hitting head & shoulder first (don't feel sorry for me, it was funny and i was not injured). after that i was pretty much done. we peaced out and got a much deserved coffee at camp 4.

 ((jon & allison on the left, us on the right))

on friday i nannied for both of the families i work for and then had to do last minute baby shower stuff! it was quite a busy busy day.

ari's baby shower was saturday and was so fun. i loved every second of it, despite the rsvp'd no shows. that's always a bummer, right? oh well, i'm over it and chase was very happy with leftover cookies, cupcakes, and greek appetizers. 

here are a few photos from the shower!

cupcakes in a jar inspired by this post from ruby ellen. they turned out so cute! :)

awesome greek appetizers (ari's family is greek!)

i made these for the nursery and put them in this rad stroller! whoop for large items with no wrapping required :) (i'm hoping they're done having kids by the time we decide to go for that so the stroller can be passed down haha)

for decorations, we had bunting flags (duh)

a few homemade poms

 & lots of balloons
(here is the mom to be with her sweet momma!)

ari, myself, ali. you girls have made living in a frozen tundra so worth it.

all the hostesses with the mommy to be!

now this week i am nannying, making a wedding dress, a graduation dress, and HEADED TO TEXAS!!!!  on wednesday. now, if you will excuse me, i need some Jesus time before i begin this hectic hectic (but exciting) week!

i would also like to add that yesterday i went mountain biking with my husband and got sunburned. later i tried to take a nap, but couldn't and decided to also go on a road bike ride (i ate a lot this weekend). something flew into my jacket and i reached in and it buzzed and stung me on its way out. i'd say it was a bee. the stinger was in my finger and i feel like you aren't supposed to grab it and pull it out but i was NOT about to ride 2.5 more miles home with a stinger in my whole right arm was already throbbing. 

my fingers are swollen. the end.