Tuesday, May 25, 2010

City Craft, a Sale, and a Cute Dress


This girl is feeling more than a little under the weather, but there's no time to lay around. It's beautiful outside (not that I'll go work out with this cough, but maybe a walk?), I've got earrings to photograph & list on etsy, a blog to write, things to sew, dishes to clean and laundry to do.

So let's do this.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to City Craft in Dallas with my mom. It's an ADORABLE sewing & fabric boutique that offers a wide variety of designer fabrics and sewing classes. It was a super quick trip because I had a wedding to go get ready for, but it was plenty of time to snap some pictures and see all they had to offer. 

The best part, upon walking in, was that I didn't feel overwhelmed. Everything was well-organized, clean, and colorful.  I was greeted right away and chatted it up with the sales girls for a bit. My mom, who doesn't even love to sew, was even having fun looking at all the fun fabrics. She picked out some oil cloth/laminated cotton for me to make her a makeup bag with. 

First impression ((window display)) won me over with robin's egg blue and Anna Maria Horner.
(sorry for the glare/reflection)

They had an abundance of great patterns

beautiful displays of fabric & thread

an awesome sale table (who doesn't like fabric on sale?!)

a cute green wall of well-displayed trims & tools

plenty of zippers

a cute little sitting area

and a sewing area in the back. Ashley was actually making something back there and it gave the shop a really cool vibe having someone sewing away.

City Craft offers sewing classes such as Beginner Basics, Retro Apron, Oilcloth Zippered Make-Up Bags, Basics for Kids, Teens, and a LOT more! 

If you live, or are ever in, the Dallas area, go check out City Craft.  It's right off the toll-road on Lovers. You won't regret it!

i'm going to drink some emergen-c (with sprite & orange juice, duh) and take a little walk to the river.

PS **I made this little number last night. I'm wanting to wear a teal or light blue sash with it. What do you think?**



  1. Love that dress! Did you use a pattern?

  2. hey alana! thanks, and no i did not use a pattern...just eye balled it!

  3. That dress is too pretty!!
    I wish I could sew. I have so many thrifted pieces, that I could do things with.


  4. Adorable! I, too, love City Craft, by the way.

  5. what fun... loving that shop!! And they sell my fav. (Amy Butler) from the looks of it!

  6. I bet I could spend hours in that store! I love pretty fabrics. The dress is super cute!!!

  7. kim,

    love the dress!!! i'd go with a teal sash to make it even more eye-popping! you amaze me with your sewing skills. :)

  8. This dress is gorgeous!!!
    And it would look fantastic with teal sash! Love that pattern.

    Get well soon!!! xx

  9. New follower - love the dress too!

  10. Ooooh...I'm lovin' all of that fabric. And the dress turned out super cute!

    Thanks for linking up and reading The Sweetest Petunia - you are SO appreciated!

  11. Ummm that's probably the most precious dress I've ever seen before in my life. Thanks and gig 'em!

  12. Your dress is amazing! You have inspired me to try something like it!

  13. ummmm, cutest dress EVER. that's all. look for an email from me soooooooon.

  14. thanks everyone!!! i wish i lived in a place where i could go out for dinner and wear it!! one of these days an appropriate occasion will come up :)

  15. I absolutely adore that dress!! What fabric did you use? Was it just cotton?


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