Friday, May 7, 2010

favorite things friday

well, hey hey! happy friday :) 

let's do this.

1. the color orange. i stayed away from it for as long as i could. my school colors from grade school through high school graduation were orange & white. i wore more than my fair share of citrus colored clothing. sweats, cheerleading, basketball & softball uniforms, etc and couldn't ever make myself buy it. i'm over it. and i like orange. that's all. great story, huh?

2. finding old macy's gift cards,  and buying this fossil camden crossbody on sale, and an extra 25% off. i paid $3 for it after all that. jackpot. i do love me some macy's. it's on its way to me nowwww.
3. gwyneth paltrow. i watched iron man for the first time last night and she is just adorable. 

4. the city. should be a guilty pleasure, but it's not so guilty anymore. i love this show. chase rolled his eyes when he came in while i was watching it. i said, "CHASE. all her dreams are coming true. don't hate." he laughed at me. aye.

5. this dress from anthro. 


does anyone else think it looks like this fabric from anna maria's drawing room collection?

6. lisa @ little buff designs.  she's great. she made my blog pretty. and she has a cute etsy shop.
My Little Buffalo 
7. party poms. i would like an ENTIRE ceiling covered in these. probably tacky, but fun nonetheless. ok, i'll just hang a few. buy them here.



  1. the poms are so NOT tacky. i just hung them up in our little gal's nursery. i'm in love with them. i think you should indeed hang them up all over your ceiling. : ) you can even make them yourself... they're cheap and really easy.

  2. I love that dress.
    Through out high school, I had to wear white and green because of the uniforms. I don't see myself ever wearing it again! haha.
    I'm seeing Iron man 2 today! I'm so excited.
    Have a good weekend.


  3. I find myself agreeing with pretty much all of these. I used to hate orange when I was growing up. but now I am finding that I like it more and more. And that dress is really cute. I just found myself getting into the city.

  4. i adore those pom poms, too. i think i might hang them all over my patio so it always feels like a party out there.

  5. Poor Chase. He just doesn't get it. AH ha ha. And yellow and grey...SWOON!

  6. Can I just say how hard I laughed at your orange color hangup b/c I TOO had to "get over it" :)

  7. Your favs are becoming mine! I can't believe you got the Fossil bag for such a great deal! Happy Weekend!

  8. Gwyneth Paltrow is my absolute fav! She makes the perfect Pepper Pots. Can't wait to see Iron Man 2! :)

  9. omg, i want to hang up poms above my crafting corner, i LOVE the ones shown here cuz yellow and grey are an awesome combo!

  10. That is so funny that you put the pom's up there. I plan on putting them in my classroom next year but they are super easy to make and I found them on martha stewart! Here is the link if you want to make them yourself!

  11. I spent all of my undergrad years avoiding orange as much as possible when it is your school colors. Now, I work for my alma mater and own more than my fair share of orange!


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